How Long Do Silicone Watch Bands Last?

A watch defines our personal style and completes the looks. It is one of the most liked accessories and provides both function and fashion. The watch comes in different shapes and sizes and each one is different. Dials are present in different sizes, colors and shape and so are the watch bands. There are different materials of watch brand present; leather watch bands, NATO watchbands [gear s3 frontier bands], nylon bands, silicone watch bands or apple watch bands. While selecting watch bands for your watch you should consider the comfortable material, durability and aesthetics. Silicone watch bands have all of these mentioned properties and they look really amazing.

What is Silicone material?

Silicone is an elastomer a type of polymer that is derive from rubber. It is composed of silicone atoms and alternative oxygen atoms. It is a synthetic material and has stretchy or elastic properties. The silicone material is a derivative of rubber and it is used in many kinds of products including watch bands.

How long do Silicone Watch Bands Last?

While buying a watch or a watch band, an important question comes in our mind which is about durability. Nobody wants to buy a watch band that doesn’t last for a longer time. Let’s talk about Silicone Watch Bands durability. The good news is that Silicone watch bands are difficult to age and are quite durable. The average lifespan of a high-quality silicone watch band is about two years. Any watch band that has lifespan under a year means it has been poorly constructed.

The silicone watch band durability is because of its resistance to so many extreme conditions and have a great material. They are also highly stretchable so there are no chances of any breakage. The lifespan is around 24 months and you can even make it longer by taking great care of them. The above-mentioned advantages of silicone watch bands make it one of the most durable materials on this planet. It has high resistance to extreme weather and chemicals and does not age quickly. If you want a durable material that will last up to 2 years, then you should consider buying the silicone watch bands.

While talking about the lifespan you must know that every brand has different composition of materials so each and every brand lifespan would be different. The best of the best would last for 2 years. Also, you should also take care of your watch bands to increase their lifespan.

Benefits of Silicone Watch Bands

There are so many benefits of silicone watch bands and some of them are:

Available in Different Colors

You can enjoy different colors of silicone watch bands as they are available in so many colors and look very cool and vibrant. You can select your favorite color watch band to match with your outfits. Another benefit is that the colors of the watch band do not fade.

Fits Smart Watches

Another benefit of using silicone watch band is that they fit with every kind of watches especially smart watches like Apple, Fossil Sport and Samsung Galaxy watch series etc. This property really makes the silicone watch band unique and desirable.

Weather Resistance

The silicone watch bands have great weather resistance, so you don’t have to worry whether you are in a cold area or a hot one. They can bear temperature of as low as -50 degree Celsius to as high as 230 degree Celsius. You can wear them literally anywhere!

Chemical Attack Resistance

The silicone material also has great chemical resistance which increases its lifespan and has very low chemical reactivity. It also has great resistance to UV rays coming from the sun.

Fungus Attacks

If you are most likely to be affected by fungal infections, then don’t worry silicone watch bands are resistant to fungus attacks thus keeping you protected.

Easy to Clean

Silicone watch bands are quite easier to clean as well, you just need a dampen cloth to clean the straps.


The average lifespan of silicone watch bands is around 2 years and hence it is quite durable.

Comfortable to Wear

If you are looking for watchbands that have a comfortable material, then silicone watch band is a perfect choice.

Disadvantages of Silicone Watch Bands

Silicone watch bands like other watch bands also have some disadvantages and we are sharing them here so you can think before you buy. There are not many disadvantages of silicone bands but few of them are below:


The silicone watch bands are quite prone to cracking if worn regularly without care. If you are person who likes to watch daily and have a hard lifestyle then you will experience cracking. Although, silicone material has good resistance to UV rays or heat but due to overexposure we can witness cracking.

Tear Off

Regular and excessive use of silicone watch bands also causes wear and tear. When the silicone watch bands are exposed greatly to heat or sun, they become brittle.

Tips to Make Silicone Watch Bands Last

There are few tips that would help your silicone watch band [hemsut bands] to last longer. Like you can keep them dry and not let the water touch them to avoid cracking and tearing. You must also ventilate your silicone watch band to increase their life span. We would also advise you to not wear this watch in summers as it feels warm and sweating can cause cracking and wear and tear.

A silicone watch is a good investment as it lasts very longer and has so many great benefits. Silicone is also an inexpensive material and you can buy so many for yourselves.


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