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A busy board, also known as an activity board or sensory wall, is an educational toy for kids aged 1-7 years old. It will help your small ones hone their fine motor skills, which contributes both to physical and intellectual development. These skills involve making movements with fingers, hands and wrists — such as buttoning up, drawing and later, writing.

In online BumbleBee Smart store, you can purchase beautiful and entertaining sensory boards that are 100% safe for human health and the environment. Prices are always kept at a competitive level and they are proud to have shipped these goods to over 20 countries already.

The benefits of an activity board

What is a Sensory Wall? This is a wooden board, placed on the wall, which helps your kid to develop and grow up properly. A busy board has multiple small objects attached to it:

  • Buttons. These are really small pieces to concentrate on. Small kids love doing this. Which helps them a lot;

  • Shoelaces. Tying it up helps not only on Boards. Once they are grown enough to dress up it would be very helpfull;

  • Zip closures.Very the same benefit as with the shoelaces.;

  • Switches (without electricity). You can play a game with a child - let them switch and you turn the real light in a room;

  • Latches;

  • Small pieces of different fabrics;

  • Etc.

Dealing with these items, zipping the lock, pressing the buttons, etc., the kids learn how to develop their fine motor skills, use household appliances, differentiate shapes and textures. They start using little shaped pieces, they classify objects more effortlessly. Such education fully complies with the Montessori method. There is a lot more information in a blog of the BumbleBee smart store.


How to choose a sensory panel

A Busy Board for toddlers is normally big enough and filled with a lot of hard and easy to do pieces. The one for preschool kids would be more complicated and would contain more elements.

Some boards are themed — for instance, dedicated to clothes or the kitchen. Others contain miscellaneous objects. Also the theme may be only visual. The objects are mixed but the theme is obvious: forest, fairy tale, kitchen, etc.

In catalog, you can choose either a panel that needs to be attached to a wall or a compact cube-shaped one that you can take with you on trips. All items are used and needed. BumbleBee Smart produces goods only from ECO-friendly and NON-allergic materials. So be sure you and your baby are safe.


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