My experience with Zaful

I heard some people who bought their clothes from Zaful, so I decided to try this fashion shop for myself. I ordered a few dresses, tops, a jacket and a shirt via their website and would like to share my experience with you.

The Website Itself

The Zaful website itself is accessible and easy to navigate. The tops, dresses and swimwear are divided into categories and subcategories that direct you to the kind of products you are looking for. I, for one, was able to find some nice casual summer dresses because they were all grouped together. The ordering process is just like ordering at any other webshop, so nothing new there. There is a digital shopping bag that you can put your sweaters in before you place an order and you have to pay in advance.


Everything on Zaful is quite cheap. I was surprised by the low prices on the website and this persuaded me to place an order. The 15% extra off for your first order is more than most shops provide first-time customers with. It s not the most expensive shop you ll ever buy from, at least when it comes to the blazers and other clothes themselves. I was happy with the student discount I, being a student, could make use of.

Delivery and shipping

On their website, they already warn you that the delivery might take some time, so I had no problems with that. I m patient. But then, the items arrived, and I had to pay import tax. Zaful never told me about that when I ordered the items. I don t mind waiting for a dress to be delivered and always try to order my items well in advance, but I do mind that they advertise free delivery and don t warn you for the import tax that you do have to pay. They warn you that you might have to pay tax when you return a parcel, but they should have warned that you ll have to pay import tax as well. I m not happy that they didn t do that.

The Quality of the items

I have no complaints about the quality of the items. In fact, I like most of the things I bought. The size was as I expected it to be. Even the jacket seems to fit even though I was afraid it might be a bit too large. There was one dress that didn t fit me as well as I thought it would. I passed it over to my sister because the costs for returning it was not worth it and the quality of the item was good enough. The fabric of the tops is comfortable and I m curious to see how long they last before they lose their form.

Would I order from Zaful again?

I don t say I ll never buy from Zaful before but the import tax made me a bit reluctant to place another order. Next time, I ll be a lot more careful and there is a chance that I only buy small things like necklaces and brooches, things that don t deal with import tax.


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