Things To Do In Nagoya

Japan is a wonderful country to visit, especially during the time of cherry blossom. Affected by natural calamity and wars Japan fought against time and tide, to uplift the status to the modern state of the art city. If you want to visit Nagoya, the beautiful city in Japan avails the flights through Cathay Pacific. We have discussed some places of interest in Nagoya, which could be a preference while you visit this alluring city. Book slots with the local tour operator for a city tour, or even you can tour by local transport.

  • Railway Museum: Visit the railway museum where there is a collection of 39 retired trains accompanied by several exhibits explaining the different parts of the train and their operational maintenance procedure. There are several other exhibits that focus on the history of trains. The most popular attraction is the train simulator where you experience the duties of a train conductor and his journey. The museum houses one of Japan’s largest train dioramas, the miniature trains that run between the cities- Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.
  • Nagashima resort: Known as the long island, Nagashima resort is the major vacation island outside the complex of Nagoya. The area comprises five major leisure facilities namely Nagashima Spaland amusement park, hot spring complex, Water Park, Flower Park, and the outlet shopping mall. The park has forty rides which range from gentle ones and often suitable for children. Enjoy a ride of the steel dragon 2000, a gigantic roller coaster than covers a major portion of the amusement park.
  • Tokugawa Art museum: Nagoya used to serve as the seat of Owari, which is one of the three major branches of the Tokugawa family. The museum is built on the grounds where Owari’s feudal residence used to be and exhibits treasures like tea utensils, Noh masks, samurai swords, costumes, scrolls, and maps. The garden bears the best look during the spring and autumn seasons. The museum is a ten minutes’ walk from the Ozone station. You can take a train ride to reach the museum, and spend some time rediscovering the history of the land.
  • Nagoya Castle: Nagoya castle was built during the Edo period and used to be the seat for the Tokugawa family and one of the largest castles in the country. The castle dates from 1959 and has a modern museum exhibiting the castle’s history. The surrounding park becomes a Hanami spot, especially during the cherry blossom season. The castle which was rebuilt after the war becomes the finest evidence of Shoin architecture. You may reach the castle from the main gate of the Nagoya station.
  • Science Museum: The Nagoya city science museum is one of the largest planetariums covered with a giant silver globe, covering the present astronomical phenomena. The shows are conducted in the Japanese language, but they could be understood easily, especially the position of the stars. There are several displays like the ‘Tornado Lab’, ‘Electrical discharge lab’, and the ‘Deep freezing Lab’, which stimulates and showcases conditions similar to the earth’s Polar Regions. The museum is a 5-minute walk from the Fushimi station.
  • Legoland: The Legoland in Japan opened in 2017 April, which is an amusement park for young children. The visitors can expect a large Lego model, bikes, rides, and dining areas. The Legoland is separated into seven different themed areas that are constructed out of millions of Lego bricks. You may find Tokyo, Kyoto and Mount Fuji separated by a few steps. The rotating observation tower is not very far from the Miniland. You may enjoy a birds-eye view of the park and surround from here.
  • Takayama: Visit Takayama, a city in the Hida mountain region of the Gifu Prefecture. The city retains a traditional touch like any other Japanese told town. During the feudal ages, Takayama was known for skilled carpenters and high-quality timber. The city was put under the direct control of Shogun and enjoyed high prosperity. Takayama festival held during the spring and autumn is considered as one of the best festivals in Japan. Paying your visit during the Takayama festivals would boost your spirit and you’ll experience a real Japanese flavor.

There are many more on the list that you might add in your ' to do' list. Nagaya is the hub of culture and business and attracts millions of tourists making the country one of the most explorer-friendly.


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