What does the diamond ring represent in marriage

We are all keen to give special meaning to every special day in our lives. Such as festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, etc. The gifts given on these special days are accompanied by an additional meaning. Make this gift a better and more valuable. Because of the special meaning, there are special feelings, and when you think back later will have more feelings. Like a diamond friendship ring(get name necklace), it is said that diamonds represent love, symbolizing loyalty, but its essence is nothing but carbon, just a gem.

The famous British novelist Wilkie Collins said in his masterpiece "Moon Gems" that diamonds are "just a piece of carbon". The diamond ring does not seem to have any unique qualities, but on the fingers of people who buy or wear it, emotional value that cannot be assessed by material economics - represents a marriage or even a life. Despite its humble origins, the diamond ring has become the preferred object for "marriage" for nearly a hundred years. The stories that have been around it for a hundred years have not stopped writing, or joy, or sadness.

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In the first half of my life, Luo Zijun, the diamond became her wound. When she first wore a diamond ring, she lived a self-deceptive life, and when she got divorced, she took off the ring in disappointment. Later, she was able to buy a diamond ring on her own. The diamond personalized mothers ring represents her willingness to compromise and pay for a relationship. The roughness of the process is not to be said, but it seems that the cut of the diamond has become the face of her life, and the luster is moistened by her efforts. The moment you put it on, I wore armor and soft ribs. There is no exact time for the beginning of marriage, and emotional changes always happen quietly. However, for the convenience of life, getting a marriage certificate and a marriage proposal ceremony has become a reasonable fixed point. The transformation of love and marriage, you may not feel so obvious, but others can clearly perceive the transformation of the two modes of life.

In the original novel, Yi Shu said: Marriage has nothing to do with love. People always think that when they are mature, they will naturally marry, but they do not know that marriage is just a way of life. Everyone can get married which is very simple.

Love is a hot fire, marriage is a calm lake. We can't simply treat marriage as an additive equation, but two people together weave a net of life to capture enough fish or bear's paw. From recognizing the mutual understanding, knowing each other to love, and then to living together for a lifetime.

Marriage has to spend more time to manage, and each other's love will be constantly grinded by life. How to preserve each other's feelings becomes the top priority of maintaining marriage. The light of the diamond ring at the time of the marriage is always reminded that you have enough hard armor to face the tribulations, and there are fragile soft ribs that need to be taken care of.

Luo Zijun's attitude at the time of marriage was distracting, both distressed her hurt and angering why she didn't understand her situation, insisting on her husband's return. The diamond cheap promise ring is now her last insistence, the armor is broken, the soft ribs are presented, showing the truest of her - perseverance and kindness.

The most touching proposal is that Chandler said to Monica in "Friends": I thought it was important to ask for a marriage, where to speak and what to say, but now I realize that the only important thing is, it's you.

It looks like a good beginning, as if giving people more confidence to go the next way. So how do you begin? Still choose a diamond ring. The diamond ring is like a divided treasure with two faces. When the emotion cools, it preserves value; when it injects emotion, it is priceless. It is as if Marilyn Monroe had sung in the film how intoxicating a kiss on your hand, but diamond is the woman's best friend.

999 roses may have been held in the hands of others, and the love words in the mouth may also be predecessors' poems. All the ritual feelings can be copied, but the emotional details between the two can never be replaced. How to properly collect a girl's heart who is looking forward to living with him for a lifetime? Of course it is an irreplaceable diamond ring.


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