Guest Post: Cheeia of “Notes By Cheeia”

1.|| In 10 words or less, describe yourself.

Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Christian, Compassionate, Goofy, Sensitive, Beauty & Fashion Lover. Here’s more random facts about me:

2.|| In my dreams, I live in…

Colorado. As you get older you realize that it’s really not about the place that brings you joy, but the value of people. I’ve travelled all over the world and moved twice (Minnesota and currently residing in California) however, my heart lies in Colorado where I can enjoy my mom’s home cooked meals, gossip with my crazy sister, and a place filled with childhood memories. It’s authentic you can’t find it anywhere else!

3.||If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be…

Saint Laurent Classic Jane Ankle Strap – They say, you can tell alot about person from their shoes – Let me start off and say 90% of my wardrobe are solid colors – I’m plain Jane, however, I believe it’s simplicity that makes great statement pieces. Additionally, they’re versatile and you can mix-match these babies with any seasons/occasions! I don’t think they will never go out of style.

4.|| What beauty product can’t I live without?

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion – Sadly, I have very dry skin and I cannot go a day without it.

5.|| Why did I start blogging?

I was dating this guy for almost a year. I know that doesn’t sound long, but we moved in together right after we met and things got complicated. I was heartbroken when we split; however, I was able to move forward by reading and expressing myself through blogs. Strange how things work out sometimes right? I have a passion to serve women so the ultimate goal I have for my blog is to create my own space/community and build positive relationships! On another note, I have a big heart for fashion so it’s a cherry on top that I’m able to share that with my readers as well.


Today I am guest posting over at Notes By Cheeia, and talking all about my marriage, so come and say hi! :-)

XO – Samantha

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