Ho-Ho-Holiday Pinspiration

Hey, hey hey! Who’s excited for Christmas? *This girl ;-) * Yes, I know the next holiday is actually Thanksgiving, but I’m 9 1/2 months pregnant, and if the tree and holiday decorations don’t go up now, they never will.

I’ve been loving Pinterest this last week (very unlike me) and I thought I’d share some of my favorite holiday pins. If you’re really pinterest-savvy, leave your info in the comments for me so I can come follow you! If you want to follow me, you can find me here.


Let’s not do any of that “save the best for last” bologna; lets just jump right in with the amazingness that is Kristin’s house, from The Hunted Interior. You can view her full holiday post here. If you’re not following Kristin’s blog you are missing out on life. Seriously. She can do no wrong.


Who even cares what’s inside this gift? The packaging is so beautiful it could be empty and I would still LOVE it.


I love how sweet and dainty this space is. This would be darling as a girls playroom, or even in a little girls bedroom. We let Camryn decorate her own mini tree every year and put it on her nightstand, just like this one.


I’m obsessed with the black, white, gold theme this year for my tree and this one is exactly what I was envisioning. Go check out the full post for details on how to achieve the marbled ornaments and the B&W spotted ornaments.


Who doesn’t love a good DIY gift?


This “JOY” garland is next on my DIY/Crafting with Camryn agenda. So easy, and so cute!

Have you busted out your holiday decor, and started stuffing stockings or decorating the tree? Camryn wants a pink Care Bear for Christmas, B-A-D!! Everything else that she adds to her wishlist is second in line…”I wish I had —— and a pink Care Bear!” Of course I bought one, which by the way was a lot harder than I had anticipated. They are sold out everywhere!! My husband and I decided we’ll take it to the hospital with us when Harper arrives and give it to Camryn as Harpers gift to her big sister. Yes, we are basically bribing Camryn into loving her new sister with a Care Bear. Go ahead, judge us. :-)

XO – Samantha


  1. OMG. That Pompom JOY garland is the sweetest thing! Totally want to make one with Izzy too. Every time we’re in the craft store she asks for more pompoms :) Done!

  2. I hit enter too soon on my last comment. I meant to add in that bribing is my middle name and we totally did the same thing ;)

  3. I LOVE these inspirations! Kristin’s house is absolutely perfect. . I would move in without hesitation lol. It is dreamy. I am pumped to decorate now! xo

  4. That settles it – I’m decorating this weekend!! I really like the gift tag on the wrapping – the pink one! So cute!!

  5. Ok, now I can’t wait to get out my Christmas decor out!! I’m obsessed with the gift wrap! Every year I try something fun and new for my gifts.. this will be my inspiration this year :) xoxo

  6. Lisa Joy says:

    The Joy Garland has just made my day. i want to pack up and leave work to instantly go home and do it. :) I think I will make one for work and one for home. Thanks

  7. I love that hot chocolate kit, so cute!

  8. such cute inspirations! i love seeing what others come up with. i’m trying the pompom garland!

  9. These are beautiful pins!! They have me itching to jump out of bed (at 6 am, ha ha!) to finish decorating my tree! We pulled it out on Sunday, sans ornaments, and Mia squealed all kinds of girly squeals when we plugged in the lights. So cute!
    I loooooove stalking you on IG (ha!) but somehow never found your blog before! So happy to be following here as well!

  10. Love all of those beautiful inspiration pictures. So clean and glam!! Happy birthing doll :) thinking about you!

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