Holding My Breathe


Please excuse my absence and lack of an actual post today…

My husband is undergoing a minor procedure and my little heart can’t hardly take it. I’m far more nervous and anxious than he is. He is just so much to us; Dad, Husband, bread-winner, jungle gym, fajita maker, photographer (hey, I can’t snap pics of my own outfits!), shoulder to cry on, cheerleader for everything Camryn & I do, cute baby maker (my favorite of his traits), do-er of dishes (this is quite possibly my 2nd favorite trait), and so so so much more! When it comes to my favorites, these two are tied.

So if you could, send him good thoughts today, and maybe a few my way too!! Tomorrow, when I’ve stopped holding my breathe, I’ll be back with a fun post for you. :-)

XO – Samantha


  1. Praying and lots of happy thoughts!

  2. Oh my goodness girlie, I’ll definitely be praying for you guys :)

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