Let’s Just Laugh!

I made it to Washington!! Camryn and I had a very long and interesting day of travelling, and literally found ourselves RUNNING to catch our 2nd flight, but we’re here. It’s gray and cold, but it always feels so good to come home to see family and friends.

I thought that today we could just laugh a little, and not take anything too serious. I was on Pinterest the other night and kept coming across funny animal pictures…or at least at 11pm, after a very long day, I thought they were hysterical…so I thought I’d share with you. You’re welcome.


I’m hitting up my beloved Bagelry today, woohoo. Hope you’re all having a great day, and if you weren’t already, I hope these funny pictures helped.

XO – Samantha


  1. This is bound to put a smile on even the crankiest of people!! I seriously love the first one and the little monkey missing his alarm!! Precious! Hope you’re having a blast with the family!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE funny animal pics. These are hilarious! The cat in the corner of the bathtub is by far my fav :) Glad you made it safely and hope you have such a great time! PS… I feel like your so close I can almost touch you! ha! xoxo

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