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Lust List Image I mentioned yesterday that I needed some extra rest and TLC after a late night on the town with my husband and sister, so I thought I’d kick off this weeks list with where I was…

1.|| Vox Table’s {first} Pop-Up dinner on the 55th floor of the Austonian. Delicious food, a beautiful view, and a fun night with friends and family. For more information, and for updates on opening dates, you can check them out on their facebook page here.

2.|| I discovered Revelry House this week, and absolutely love their Christmas & New Years Boxes. What a quick and easy way to host a fabulous party. I need to get my hands on these, because I LOVE any reason to throw a party!!

3.|| I love this art framed in Taylors beautiful Nursery/Office, and pretty much everything else in there.

4.|| If I ever move again, I’m making these.

5.|| Kids holiday P.J.’s that are oh-so-cute! Girl: One, Two, Three & Boys: One, Two

6.|| Camryn hasn’t seen Monsters University yet, so I will definitely be making some monster munch when we do.

7.|| I am officially obsessed with Zara Kids clothing, shoes…everything.

8.|| ALL {ok, I’m being dramatic}…Most of my friends are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or already have kids, so these darling little VONBON gift sets are going to put me in the poor house. Camryn owns a few pieces, so reviews coming soon.

9.|| Thanksgiving is all about family, good food, and reflection. These DIY placemats are such a fun way for everyone to share what they’re thankful for.

10.|| This is going to be my next trash read.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

XO – Samantha



  1. Crap, now I am going to be scoping out Zara Kids for an hour or so. Sorry, real work. You’ll get done later!
    xoxo, Bethann

  2. Thanks for sharing the Revelry House website! It’s so cool! I love learning about new places like that!

  3. love Zara’s kid line- the clothes are really great quality! I bought Faith a wool coat for the Holidays and its really thick (as well as being gorgeous).

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