I found a new mirror last week, and decided to give my mantle a new look using it. I painted the mirror gold (it was an awful crackling silver color before) and added some of my favorite art from and Leigh Viner’s shop on Etsy. I wanted to stick to black & gold and add in a few pops of color with coffee table books, flowers from my garden, and art. Here’s what I came up with:


What do you think? I have a few other pieces from both artists that I’ll feature in my Home Tour soon. Check out their shops if you’re interested, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here are some other inspiring mantles:

Image Via

Image Via

Image Via

What do you think of the wood stacked in the fireplace?

Image Via

Oh, and while I have you here, HAPPY HUMP DAY! :-)


  1. THANK you!!

    • I’ll let you know when I post more of my home tour – I have a few other pieces of yours throughout my house. You’re sweet for stopping by my blog to check it out! :-)

  2. Amber Hibma says:

    Makes me wish I had a mantle!! Love the wood stacked fireplace! :)

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