Memorial Weekend Recap

Welcome back to the real world friends. How amazing were the last 3 days? Don’t you think we’d live in a happier world if every weekend was 3 days long? My weekend was the uber uneventful kind, where you do absolutely nothing but lounge around the house and do chores…and by “do chores”, I mean be preggo and relax while watching my husband be super-mom for the weekend. He’s seriously the greatest.

While relaxing, I was wearing my favorite new jammies, and yes, they are noteworthy. These Target pajamas are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I talked myself out of going places this weekend just so I didn’t have to change out of these. I’ll be adding every other color of these to my collection ASAP, especially for only $14.99. It doesn’t hurt that my husband says they make my butt look nice. ;-)

I finally got brave and took away my daughters pacifier. EEK! We’ve been building up to this moment for months, and the timing just never felt right, but I finally bit the bullet and the “paci fairy” came to take them away to the new babies at the hospitals who need them more than Camryn does. In a nutshell, it’s been hell. She cried for hours. Our neighbors probably think I’m an abusive parent after hearing her wailing. She kept saying “I don’t want to be a big lady! I want to stay a baby!”, and “The paci fairy is mean. I can’t like her!”. Yes folks, “I CAN’T like her”…not I don’t, but I CANT. She’s not dramatic at all. Bedtime has become a hot mess, and I told my husband we need to rub the pacifiers in raw chicken, and then throw them away wrapped in dirty diapers so that there’s no turning back in a moment of desperation.

We had a freak thunderstorm yesterday, so naturally my husband cooked up My Simple Kitchen’s crockpot chili recipe and we hibernated and watched World War Z and How to Train Your Dragon. Seriously y’all, such good movies! I swear I didn’t breathe the entire time we watched WWZ, it’s so intense, and HTTYD is Camryn’s jam. The sequel comes out in June and she is stoked to go see it (my husband and I are admittedly as excited.)

Nothing too exciting over here. I hope you all had great, relaxing weekends as well!

XO – Samantha


  1. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend!! Those PJ’s look insanely comfortable and I wouldn’t change out of them if I didn’t have to either haha! Happy Tuesday pretty lady – p.s. my mom says I threw a huge fit when my paci was gone and I have no clue today…there is hope for you!

  2. My oldest son is the same way with the can’t lol. If there is something on his dinner plate he isn’t fond of it’s” I can’t have this”. Glad you got to relax this weekend, your husband sounds super sweet. (and he cooks!)lol Marc’s specialty is pierogies and that is about it. It’s actually just Mrs T’s that are already made you (just have to cook them) lol. XO oh and btw thanks for posting the J Crew factory sale because I got an awesome necklace and it was free shipping!! I convinced my sister to get one too so we could share. She got the flower one you posted!

  3. She cracks me up! It will get easier. Promise. Get some noise canceling headphones until it does though ;) Those jamms will be in my cart today, fo sho. And, yes, that storm was CRAZY. I was stuck on HWY 8 for an hour in it. It was coming down so hard I couldn’t even see to get over to the side of the road to sit it out. My shoulders and back are sore today from being all tensed up!

  4. Oh my, our oldest had her ‘Binky’ until she was three. When The Binky Fairy came and took it away she was happy with the present at first, but then when she realized it wasn’t coming back she was screaming and thrashing around like she was undergoing an exorcism! The first few days are the hardest, hang in there!

  5. We took our child’s paci away at 6 months because she really did not use it all that much. BUT NOW SHE IS A THUMB SUCKER!!!!!!!! :(

  6. I am a chili fanatic! I love Oh She Glows vegan chili so much. I think I’ll have to branch out and try My Simple Kitchen’s (it looks SOOOOO good!

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