Hello Lovelies! I thought that my slackerness this week (sorry if you visited tuesday- thursday and found a whole lotta nothin’) should end on a bump update, because honestly, that’s all I’ve got going on in life these days! :-) I am slowly approaching week 35 and feeling more large and in charge than I ever remember feeling with Camryn. The biggest (other than my actual size) pregnancy symptom I seem to be battling is the hormonal roller coaster…I am up & down so fast it gives me whiplash. I had my hair done yesterday, and it seriously looks fine, but it wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned it so I came home and cried. Yes, I actually cried, over my hair, which looked fine, and can be easily changed without any fuss at all so I had no real reason to be upset. I’ve lost my damn mind. I had the ultimate bad day on Wednesday and ended up with tea in bed and read Gone Girl for about 3 hours. It was exactly what I needed!

Here are a few recent bump pics (in case you aren’t stalking my Instagram and aren’t already sick of seeing my belly over and over and over again already.)


“Hey Girl” tee is from Asos, and the heart glasses are River Island (also purchased from Asos but no longer available). And my 3 year old takes the best pics!!! preggo2 preggo3


B&W dress & bow belt are from Target.

preggo6 Whenever I post bare belly pictures on IG I get comments from strangers, usually tagging one of their friends, and saying “Dude, what happened to her belly button?!” First of all, BAHAHAHAHA!! I pee my pants laughing every single time. Second, it disappeared around week 30. ;-)

The nursery is still in shambles, we haven’t put her carseat in my car yet, and I don’t have anything packed for the hospital, but when this tiny lady is ready to come out we’ll be more than ready to greet her – prepared or not! You hear that Harper?! Mommy says “GET OUT!!!”

XO – Samantha + Bump


  1. You are the cutest prego lady ever!!! I can’t even wait to see what little miss will look like and you’re so close – just hang in there girl!! xo

  2. Seriously the cutest little pregnant belly and most precious pregnant Mama!! You do pregnancy well on the outside even if it brings crazy hormones on the inside :)

  3. I love these pics!! They are perfect. Don’t worry I had an inconsolable melt down while pregnant with Emily because I was sick and had a bad cough and was upset that I may have to deliver her while not feeling well. I brought plenty of tears over it. All went well though. ;) Still can’t get over how gorgeous you are pregnant! You are also super tiny. I could not have done cute pics like this! lol

  4. Oh this brings back memories! I was pulled over right after getting my hair cut when I was at the tail end of my pregnancy with Izzy. When the officer got to the car I was bawling uncontrollably, not from getting pulled over, but over the hair cut I just received. When he asked why I was crying I blubbered out, “I just got my hair cut and it looks horrible. So now on top of being pregnant and fat I’m UGLY!!! My husband is going to think I’m ugly!!!” Officer – “I think you’re hair looks nice.” Me – “You’re just saying that so you don’t hurt my feelings (still bawling)!” The poor guy was so uncomfortable he literally jogged back to his patrol car and left :D

  5. I love that people comment about the belly button! It could look a lot scarier. I don’t know what they would have to comment about – it is still super cute!
    Your hair is GORGE too – no tears over that my dear! I hope you are feeling better this week!
    xoxo, BA

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