Wait…It’s December?!

Happy December, friends!

I blinked and 12 days had flown by since my sweet little Harpy was born. How is that even possible? :-( She is already changing so much, and seriously fattening up. We weighed me holding her, and then without her, and the difference was 7 pounds! I keep telling myself my scale must be inaccurate, because how could my teeny tiny 5 pounder already be weighing in at SEVEN POUNDS! Mama’s making butter, not milk. ;-)

The last (almost) 2 weeks has been so chaotic; hospital, home, thanksgiving, Camryn started back at school yesterday, and adjusting to life with 2 kids. It has been so fun, but I have to be honest, I’m a little anxious about my mom leaving us at the end of the week. She has become Camryn’s person. Her BFF. The one who can play with her for hours without the baby interrupting them for a feeding, diaper change, etc. I’m worried about how Camryn will feel when my mom leaves and she doesn’t have that constant person showering her with attention, which she seems to be craving desperately. She’s definitely feeling a little jealousy towards her new little sister, but is warming up to her the past week. She’s been singing to Harpy lately and always wants to help with diaper changes, so I’m staying hopeful.

photo 3

Oh, Harpy had her first bath yesterday too – she wasn’t a fan – but she loved the towel fresh from the dryer.photo 1Geez I love that girl!

XO – Samantha


  1. I love the photos of the girls! They are going to be BFFs! Camryn’s outfits just kill me. Harper is so perfect she literally looks like a baby doll! It makes me sad that my Emily won’t get the experience of having a sister. :( Hopefully one day she will have a cousin though! She does have two big brothers to protect her which is a plus! Mom’s are the best aren’t they? My mom was around to help me when each of the kids was born and she babysits once a week for me(while I’m at work). I hope to have half of the cleaning/organizing/ life balancing skills she has one day! lol xo

  2. You are going to be perfectly fine when you mom leaves!! You got this girl!! Those sweet faces make everything worth it!!

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