Hi, I’m Samantha.

I’m a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, and now the author of this little blog.

I started falling in love with the blog-world around the time that I was pregnant with my, now two year old, daughter. I became so obsessed that I would catch myself nursing her in one arm and using the other arm to check-in with my favorite bloggers on my iPad. (More on my blogger idols soon.) So much of what I read felt familiar, as if I were chatting with an old friend. I checked in with them all daily, for fun DIY projects, new recipes, and just to see what was happening in their lives. After a few months I realized that I wanted a blog of my own. I wanted the community of friends that you gain, and I wanted to share all my awesome tips & tricks with other bloggers, moms, wives, and people just like me, but I wasn’t brave enough until now. I wasn’t willing to be vulnerable, and put myself in a position where I could possibly fail, but I’m ready now and I’m hoping that you will embrace me and join me on this journey.

So what should we talk about?

Tips on decorating with a toddler? Boy do I know a thing or two about that! Interior decorating is one of my biggest passions. Party planning without breaking the bank? Every mom should know how, and I would love to share some of my secrets. Traveling with your munchkins? Been there, done that. We just returned from France…on a 10 hour flight….with our two year old. Quick, easy, and healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy? They exist, lets try some out together. Beauty products? Aint nobody got time for products that just don’t work. Let me tell you about the hits, and misses, that i’ve tried. We can’t forget about the best thing of all…Being a MOM! I’m talking fashion, activities, kid friendly DIY projects, products you can and can’t live without if you’re a mom, and everything baby/toddler/kid related.

If you’re like me, you have tips & tricks of your own, and I would love to hear about them! Leave me comments. Ask me questions. Just say “hi!’ and reassure me I’m not just a crazy lady having a conversation with her computer. ;-)

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Hope you’re ready for what I’ve got in store! XO Samantha


  1. I just started a blog as well! Yours looks great!

  2. Lori Manduchi says:

    Love love LOVE your blog. Good job, Mantha!


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