A long ramble…

Is it really Monday already?

…is it seriously almost February?

Ahhhhhh! Where have I been all month? Oh yeah, that’s right, I’ve been hiding under 800 diapers and trying to survive as a new mom of 2. This shit is HARD!!! Why didn’t you people warn me?! These two little ladies are no joke. I swear they are in cohorts to need something at the exact same time, 24/7, and meltdowns are on a whole new level. Harper has mastered the most girly, high pitched, “you just pinched me” scream. Not a cry, a scream. A howl, really. Camryn thinks she lives in a world where everything “good” is deserving of a treat. She’s like a dog. My husband and I have to reiterate that “not peeing your bed is what we expect. No, it doesn’t earn you chocolate. This is not Willy Wonkas Factory.”

Please tell me I’m not the only mom dealing with this kinda crazy town. Please.

On the bright side, at least they’re really cute.


5 6 7 8 9 10 In other news…I hit my pre-preggo weight this weekend! (Hooray!!) I’ve been really working hard to maintain a strict Paleo lifestyle, and nurture my body, which nurtures my baby. Paid off. I’m not gonna lie, it feels really good, and I’m really proud of myself. Now I need to start working out and building back some muscle, and tighten things back up, but I’ve got all the time in the world for that, so for now I’m just going to keep skipping the gym and spending the time snuggling my new lady. :-) I promise I’ll be posting more about my journey with Paleo, and all my favorite recipes soon!! I’ve never been a fan of diets, or weight loss tactics, but Whole30 and Paleo have literally changed my life, and I want to share my love of them with you, and share all the recipes that have made eating clean super easy.

3 These Target (mossimo) pants are the bomb.com. Run, don’t walk.

2 Lots of green juices are happening around here lately. Camryn’s a little obsessed with them (obviously I love that!)

4 My husband has been doing a ton of the cooking since I seem to always have my hands full with a kid, and last night he made Paleo Pho with “zoodles” (zucchini that’s cut into thin strips like noodles), and it was insanely good! The recipe came from Nom Nom Paleo’s cookbook, but we made a few changes. (again, I swear I’m going to post more about all of this soon!!)

Not too much else is new here…started Harps on a new reflux med, still waiting to see if it helps. We’re selling our rental house so I’ve been crazy busy scheduling cleaners, a construction crew to repaint the entire house and do some handy work throughout, and this week I’m staging it (the fun part). I’ll snap some pictures of it, and share some of my staging tips. I’m doing the absolute bare minimum.

Alright y’all, mamas gotta go shower away the dried spit-up that’s in my hair, and take my big lady to school. I’ll have another post for you on Wednesday. Did you catch Emily’s fashion post from last week? I want to live in her closet; she’s so fab! Also, don’t forget to enter my $50 Container Store giveaway with Shelley!

XO – Samantha

Pumpkin Patch & Catching Up!

Hello Friends!! I’m sure you’ve noticed that as I get closer and closer to my due date, my presence here is slowly getting more spaced out. I have absolutely no intentions of abandoning my fun little corner of the blogosphere, I’m just becoming more focused on the present and spending quality time with my big girl before my little girl breaks up the party. :-) You can continue to expect 2-3 posts weekly instead of the daily posts that I used to do. You can also always catch me on Instagram – I find it far easier to keep you all in the loop on my daily chaos over there! In the coming month I’ll be introducing you to some amazing bloggers who have so graciously volunteered to be contributors. They are quite literally a few of my favorite bloggers, and they write some of the only blogs that I manage to keep up with on a daily basis anymore. Ok, enough shop talk, lets look at pictures of my cute kid, shall we..and maybe a few bumps?! Oh, and my husband (who just finished a lemon-lime sno-cone and has a sickly looking tongue. Mine was dragons blood flavor…what flavor is that even?!) pumpkin patch 3 pumpkin patch pumpkin patch2 pumpkin patch4

pumpkin patch5

pumpkin patch6

pumpkin patch7

pumpkin patch8

pumpkin patch9

pumpkin patch10

This last picture kills me!! She saw a teeny tiny dragon fly land next to her and she freaked out, and threw her pumpkin at it. I’ve ruined this child with my fear of spiders and creepy crawlers. Camryn is wearing her Cray Cray tee from Little Big Dreamers, skinny jeans from good ol’ Target, and Hunter wellies.

I went in on Friday & again yesterday for baby appointments and everything with little miss Harper is great! Other than the fact that I’m still getting sick on an almost daily basis, my pregnancy is progressing as it should. She currently weighs 3 pounds 15 oz. and is measuring at 32 weeks today (a few days behind my actual date), but her legs are measuring over 2 weeks ahead! I grow babies with long legs, chunky cheeks, and no hair! Ha! I had lost about 5 pounds, but gained all 5 back in the last week, so that’s a really good sign. The new nausea med I’m taking has been really helping reduce how often I’m getting sick. HOORAY!! Just 7 more weeks, or less.

Yesterday I took Camryn to the park to enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having here in Austin, and we picnicked and played for awhile.



I love the back shoulder detailing on all of Kate & James apparel! kateandjames2




She is lucky enough to get to be a brand rep for our sweet friend (and blog sponsor) Jayme, who owns Kate & James! She’s wearing her Ello Love Pullover, Susie’s custom shorts, and Freshly Picked Moccs. I’m so jealous of her wardrobe, it hurts. ;-)

Hope you’ve all been having a great week! Come visit me on IG today and enter the awesome loop giveaway I’m in! $25 Paypal cash is up for grabs!!

XO – Samantha

Photo Updates – The last 2 weeks.

Hello Lovelies!

I promised to update with pics from my last 2 weeks, so here goes!

Over the long weekend we took advantage of Camryn’s time off from school and went to San Antonio to a resort & spa and had ourselves a little “staycation”. They had a “river pool” that you could float around on, and Camryn was all about it. We had some cocktails (mocktails for the ladies) and lounged in the sun, ate s’mores in the evening, ran around on the golf course, and just had a nice couple of days as a family of 3.


vacay7 vacay8



Before leaving San Antonio, we hit the zoo. It was a mild 105 degrees out…even the animals were hiding underwater…


Those aren’t rocks, they’re HIPPOS!


Camryn and I were home for 3 days before getting back on the road to Louisiana. My mom has (very generously) been watching our yellow lab, Aly, for the last month and a half while we were traveling. She lives in North Carolina so we met halfways-ish in New Orleans to make the doggy drop/pick-up. My sister, Camryn, and I drove all the way to N.O. and back in 24 hours…my mom made an even longer trip, ALONE (she’s a rockstar), in 24 hours. We’re all a little insane. Before we left Camryn needed to be a cat, naturally. vacay12 Y’all know I didn’t leave without getting a beignet first. vacay13 Look at this happy girl!!! :-) She’s been missed terribly. We celebrated our BFF’s (dogs) birthday yesterday, and pulled out all the stops to wish her a very happy day. vacay23 Right before our trip to New Orleans, I started getting sick. Camryn had been sick a few days earlier (Thanks for that preschool!) and of course I caught it. I also started having horrible morning sickness again. I’m gonna go into labor still throwing up, I swear it. :-(
vacay14 vacay15

My husband surprised me with these little beauties a few days ago – each gold bar has one of our daughters names on it – Camryn & Harper. I’ve had a lot of interest in where he purchased these, and the answer is Nordstroms, and they are Moon & Lola brand, but don’t appear to be available anymore. Bip & Bop do an equally beautiful version. vacay17

I ordered this amazing shirt from my girl Charisse from Pixel Paper Hearts and finally got around to showing it to y’all on Instagram. It’s quickly become my favorite, and since I ordered a unisex medium, my husband steals it too. vacay16


And what’s a post without a little bit of this cutie girl?! Some days I just look at her and think “how is it possible for you to be so damn cute? Neither your dad or I is even half that good looking!” vacay21 vacay19 And these two… Harper is a lucky girl to be coming into a world where these two exist, because their love is so incredible, I just know she’ll be smooshed between them someday and be one very happy and very loved little lady! vacay18 So there you have it, my last 2 weeks in a nutshell…all the eventful stuff at least. I have about 20 posts to put together for you guys of things I’ve been adding to my list. So many awesome new products that I’m dying to share, a few DIY’s, nursery updates, pregnancy updates, bump fashion, etc. Let’s see if I can get my s#!t together soon and do those. Ha!

There’s a pretty awesome giveaway happening on Instagram today that I’m a part of, so go check that out if you’re interested. 20 girl bosses, 20 awesome prizes, 20 winners. Does it get any better? Oh, and NO reposting or tagging. BOOM!

XO – Samantha

Sick Days


You are sweet, sweet friends if you’re still here reading this little blog of mine after my disappearing act the last week. So much has happened…but mostly, I’ve been sick…again. Camryn brought home a cold the first week into preschool (I expected it) and of course I caught it. It has morphed from your simple stuffy nosed cold into a chest cold that makes me cough and talk like a 90 year old smoker. To make things even worse, my morning sickness has returned with a vengeance. *Cough – Throw Up – Cough* Oh, and did I mention my husband decided to get food poisoning? Yeah, thats currently happening. Let me be the first to say that the only thing worse than being terribly sick and pregnant is being sick, pregnant, and having your spouse be legitimately more sick so you’re stuck playing nurse in between bouts of sickness. He’s lucky I love him so fiercely.

So that my friends is why I’ve not been around, or sharing updates about our family “staycation” from last weekend, or my 24 hour trip to New Orleans this past weekend – I promise to share all those crazy details and photos just as soon as I can get my head out of the toilet.

I’ll be teaming up with some awesome shops in a few days for another Instagram giveaway, so stay tuned for that as well (look for the announcement on IG, as I’m not the main host).

XO – Samantha

20 Facts

I was tagged on Instagram to share 20 facts about myself, and figured this was a fun way to also introduce myself to a few of my new blog readers. Hope you enjoy reading some of the very random quirks I have. :-) Happy friday friends!

Hanna Mac Photography

Photo Cred: Hanna Mac Photography

1.) My parents named me after a dog. Thanks mom.

2.) I’ve accidentally been telling people I’m 28 all year…I don’t turn 28 until Dec 26th.

3.) Speaking of my bad memory, I’ve NEVER remembered my wedding anniversary. In fact, our 10 year dating anni passed on Tuesday and I forgot.

4.) My husband & I eloped to Vegas and had a total stranger as our witness. It was the best decision ever. Elvis didn’t officiate…biggest regret ever.

5.) My favorite foods are Thai & Mexican. I love lots of herbs and spices…and chocolate.

6.) My favorite color is coral.

7.) I need at least 8 hours of sleep (my husband says its more like 14 hours) or I’m a total b!+<h. I don’t see why letting me sleep in every day is an unreasonable request?!

8.) I was mugged when Camryn was 6 months old, and my wedding ring was stolen. (Neither of us was harmed)

9.) I wear a size 8 shoe but always try on a 7 1/2 first…I secretly want smaller, cute feet. My feet are not cute, at all.

10.) I have an older sister that’s 6 years older, and a little sister that’s 15 years younger.

11.) I wore braces twice. I wore retainers never. I need braces again.

12.) I’ve been wearing the same yoga pants 3 days in a row. Don’t judge me.

13.) I’m a homebody but I have wanderlust. If I’m not on a plane at least once every 3 months I get antsy.

14.) I only have a handful of friends. I’m very guarded in real life.

15.) I’m addicted to pillows. I have a closet full of nothing but pillows that I store and rotate year round. My sister texts my husband when we go shopping and I buy more pillows. She’s a nark, and trying to have an intervention on me. I bought a new pillow today. Suck it sista! (But don’t tell my husband)

16.) I swear like a sailor. My mom hates it. My dad swore a lot, so I blame genetics.

17.) I LOVE getting mail. Cards, postcards, packages, they make me so happy!

18.) I’m horrible at doing my own nails.

19.) I’m also impatient (which is probably why I can’t paint my own nails).

20.) I have absolutely no sense of direction. If I’m going somewhere for the first time I give myself a 30 minute buffer to get lost. Im also a human homing device, and find myself driving home sometimes when I meant to go somewhere else.

I tag all my blogger friends – you know who you are – I want to read about you and your weird, quirky selves.

XO – Samantha

P.S. Random facts #21: I hate my husbands hair in this picture. It was a bajillion degrees out, and I think even his hair products said “I quit!”.

It’s been awhile…

Yippee! I’m back! After nearly a solid month of travelling, I’m finally home and it feel so damn good! I started this post saying “Sorry I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks…” but honestly, I’m not sorry. I had such great trips, spent quality time with my husband and Camryn, and was really present. My blog is a priority to me, but sometimes I need to step away and enjoy my life a little without feeling guilty when I don’t snap that picture, or document every moment. With Harper on her way I’m trying to really soak up these last few months as a family of 3. So no, I’m not sorry, but I am very grateful to all of you who stuck around while I was gone.

Where to start? My first stop was in Washington State where a large portion of our family and friends live. My husband and I both grew up there, so going back is always fun and full of catching up with old friends. It never feels like we have enough time there to see everyone, and our trips are always so chaotic and rushed, but two weeks was perfect this time. Following WA we headed to New York for a week. My husband had a work conference to attend and Camryn and I tagged along for fun. I love NY. Camryn learned to walk in Central Park, I think it’s a beautiful city, and I absolutely love going there…with that said, I H-A-T-E Times Square. Lucky me, our hotel was in the heart of Times Square. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this photo…

NY4 This is me, hiding in our hotel room while I drank my coffee and ate breakfast because I could literally TASTE the smelly streets and people in Times Square. I repeat, they smelled so bad I could taste them.

On the bright side, we still had a great time.








NY10 When we got home we had the best mail waiting for us (a months worth). I had indulged in a few of the new Duchess & Lion Co items, and the “Bad Apple Dress” had arrived. It might be my new favorite dress ever.

duchess and lion 2

Duchess and Lion I can’t get over how grown up my girl looks. She starts school on the 25th and I think I might cry for the first month. She also has to wear a uniform, which might also make me cry. What will I do with all her cute clothes Monday-Friday?! ;-)

I’ll have a new post coming your way tomorrow…maybe 2…woah, I know, things are getting cray cray around here!!

XO – Samantha

Let’s go to the beach…

pool bag.jpg …and by beach, I really mean the pool!

Anytime I leave the house, especially with Camryn in tow, I have to make sure I have all the essentials. The pool is no exception. With that said, I also don’t want to be hauling around a million products that I don’t need, because a wet toddler is already a handful enough! Here are my must-have pool/beach bag items. Lets start with the most obvious – a good pool bag. I got mine last year from Barnes & Nobles for $10 with the purchase of a book. It’s large, easy to clean, and came with a palm tree keychain that was Camryn’s jam for weeks. *Winning* I always pack a sun hat, water (add cucumbers to stay hydrated and reduce swelling), and a good book or trashy magazine. My mom and I have both been wanting to read The Fault In Our Stars, so I bought it yesterday for her to read while she’s visiting, and then I’ll read it after she finishes.


1. Camryn has fair skin, and I’m trying to not look old yet, so a good sunscreen is a must. I bought the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ spf UVA/UVB oil in Paris last fall, and instantly fell in love with it. It’s geared towards sensitive skin, or people with a sun allergy. It claims to prevent sun spots, especially in pregnancy, and is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. I feel extremely safe putting this on Camryn’s skin, as well as my own pregnant belly. It feels incredibly hydrating, and has prevented sunburn even in the 100 degree texas weather. It’s unfortunately not sold in the U.S. but can be bought through Boots and shipped internationally.

2. Supergoop facial serum is one of the only daily sunscreens that I can use without noticing a build-up of oil and acne. It’s lightweight, less fragrant than other facial SPF’s, and hydrates my skin while fighting discoloration in my skin. I use this everyday before applying my makeup, and apply it multiple times while hanging out at the pool.


3. My beloved wet brush. I couldn’t live without this brush. I have extremely thick, long, and curly hair that tangles if you look at it the wrong way. A day in the pool or at the beach does serious damage to my hair, and I’d be helpless without my wet brush. It’s less than $10, and it does the job of an army on my tangled tresses. Every lady should own one. Enough said.

4. A hair mask – really any good hair mask will work, this is just what I’m trying to use up. It’s a great product, and I especially like the DermOrganics argan oil, but it’s not one that I’m saying will change your life. If you have long hair, or color treated hair, do yourself a favor and pack a deep conditioner. Your hair will thank you.poolbag2.jpg

Last but not least, a cute headband and hair tie to keep your moisturized hair off your face, and a pair of sunnies. My black & white striped headband is from Little Big Dreamers (and is actually Camryn’s, but dangit it looks cute on me!), and my sunglasses are from House of Harlow (no longer available). I love taking these in my beach bag because they don’t press down on my cheeks like some sunnies do. I hate when sunglasses touch my cheeks and get makeup or sunscreen all over them, and leave red lines on my cheeks. Camryn loves these glasses too, and has been seen sporting them here, and here. :-)

What do you keep in your beach bag? Tomorrow I’ll share my beach bag “beauty essentials” that take me from sweaty beach bum to bronzed babe in minutes.

My mom is flying in today, and will be staying with me for 10 days, so I won’t be posting on Thursday, but you can catch me back on Friday. Side note: Moms are the best, aren’t they? I called her a few months ago, right after getting pregnant, in full-blown panic mode stressing over my house being cluttered, and needing to purge before baby #2 arrives…she booked a flight that week and is coming to be super-mom and help me organize and have a garage sale to get rid of things we don’t need before bringing in new furniture and baby stuff. Best. Mom. Ever. She is also the queen of laundry, so I may have stopped washing all my clothes last week in anticipation of her arrival. ;-) Outside of making her do days and days of hard labor (like painting Camryn’s room, and the nursery) we’ll also be enjoying a few pool days, ballet classes, pedicures, and movie dates.

XO – Samantha

Blog Tour

I started Playdates + Pearls 9 months ago as an outlet from my day-to-day “mom life” after having been a reader of blogs for years. I had been following ladies that had similar interests in fashion, beauty, and design and I wanted to join them in creating a little space in the blogosphere that was my own. I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and put myself into an unknown, and at times uncomfortable, situation and I’m so glad that I did. In the short time since creating P+P I’ve met so many amazing ladies, and had the opportunity to work with some incredible small businesses and other blogs. I always say that my little corner of the internet is such a happy place, where I feel supported and respected, and where I hope my readers find joy when visiting. Getting to “girl talk” with all of you makes me feel sane on days when I’ve been chasing a naked toddler around all day, while still in my pajamas at 4pm, with cheerios in my hair.

My favorite blogger (and real life BFF) is Rene of My Simple Kitchen. She started her food blog just a short time after I started blogging, and we’ve been so lucky to go through this experience together. She is the most genuine, kind, and thoughtful person I know…she’s also a ridiculously good cook!! She lets me send her ideas, or recipe-less photos from pinterest and then she’ll create a recipe for me. I asked for coconut brownies, and she came up with these Mound Brownies that are like heaven to the tenth power times chocolate. Ya know what I mean?! :-) She tagged me to be apart of this “blog tour” with her, and answer some questions as well as share a few of my favorite bloggers with you, so here goes!

1. What am I working on?

I am taking a small hiatus from working on anything too ambitious because I’ve been pre-occupied with growing a tiny human. I am entering my second trimester and looking forward to tackling projects like designing a nursery, changing my office/theater into a gym, and generally feeling more like myself again. I’ve been feeling so exhausted and sick the last couple months, and blogging has taken a backseat during that time, so getting back to blogging will be a bright spot for me.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre? & 3. Why do I write what I do?

Nobody is living my life except me, so I have an advantage here… ;-) but I think my blog is constantly evolving with my taste and esthetic, and my readers are constantly being introduced to new products when I’m discovering them. I never sit down and start a post thinking “How can I be different from other beauty/fashion/design blogs?” I just write about what I’m enjoying at that moment in my life, and what I would want to read about if I was on the other side of the computer screen. What new space in my home is getting re-decorated? What am I using on my face that’s making a difference lately? What would I be telling my girlfriends about on a sunday over brunch? That’s what I’m sharing with y’all. If my kid says something funny, you’ll probably hear about it. If I buy a new handbag and it’s the bomb, you’ll definitely know.

4. How does your writing process work?

I typically sit down in the evenings, after my tiny lady is in bed for the night, with a cup of tea and a snack (aka dessert) and just write about whatever is relevant. If I’ve been working on a DIY then I’ll share some photos and the process for any of you that might want to tackle a similar project. If I’ve bought new products that are worth mentioning, I will. I share my weekend happenings, mine and Camryn’s fashion as of late, and any new home decor that I think you might like seeing. My life is constantly moving, sometimes in a thousand different directions, so I share bits and pieces of that with you.

Here are 3 of the blogs I love reading, and think you’ll also enjoy!

Bethann of BethAnimalPrint is my go-to fashion friend. She has impeccable style, and I love her effortless ability to mix high and low, and play with pattern. She takes beautiful photos of her outfits, which makes replicating them a breeze, and always shares where she found her favorite steals or splurges. I’m always finding new must-have items through her blog, and source tons and tons of inspiration from her. She and I met through Lucky Magazine, and have worked together styling an outfit with a few other gorgeous ladies, as well as hosting a fun giveaway.

Biana of BLovedBoston is a friend I mention time and time again. She is such a sweetheart, and writes about products that I’m interested in reading about. She is one of the nicest people I’ve met since starting my blog, and I feel like she’s a friend who genuinely cares about my success as a blogger. She cheers me on, and is always willing to join in on a giveaway, or fun collaboration. She writes about all things fashion and beauty, as well as life as a (kinda) newlywed.

I’ve been reading Shelley’s blog for over 2 years now, and Crazy Wonderful is one of my favorites for interior design and easy DIY projects. Her family recently moved into their new home that was being custom built for them, and it’s amazing!! Her kitchen makes me drool, and her black & white interior design is always swoon worthy. I love seeing before and after pictures of all her little projects, and am always so impressed with her eye for detail. If you love interior decor as much as I do, and budget-friendly DIY’s are your jam, she’s your girl.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun post! I tag all of you – share your blogger journey, and share a few of the blogs you enjoy reading. Thank you again to Rene for including me in this blog tour!

XO – Samantha

Squat Away May


My booty needs your help. It is sad, and it spends its days eating, chasing a toddler, and then sleeping. It needs some friends to encourage it to get off the couch and drop it like a squat. It used to be such a perky, happy booty. My front side is starting to grow, and if I don’t start working on my backside I’m gonna be a hot mess in a few months. Don’t let me turn into pregnant Kim K…friends don’t let friends look like pregnant Kim K.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Let’s start this today, and before swimsuit season is in full swing, our booties will be on their way to looking happy. Are you in? I’m going to hold you accountable, and vice-versa.

50 squats today. DO IT!

XO – Samantha

PS…HUGE GIVEAWAY tomorrow. Cash prize + more. :-)

Friday Favorites

Well friends, I wasn’t the awesome blogger like I had intended on being this week. :-( I got carried away with wallpapering Camryn’s room, and putting together my hallway “nook” that I talked about earlier this week.


Finally got around to hanging Camryn’s wallpaper, which turned out to be MUCH easier than I was expecting. Anyone with patience can hang this stuff, and it only took my about 4 hours to cover an entire wall (2 rolls of paper) all by myself.


Here’s a little progress picture…Pillows, nightstands, lamps, ceiling fixture, window cushion, drapes, and art are all still on my to-do list. I’m so over this room.


Another little progress pic. Here’s how my console and benches look together. What do you think of my leftover wallpaper art? I’m on the hunt for a brass knob for the drawer, and I’m doing a little curtain DIY today. I’ll share that next week. :-)

moviedate And here’s why I didn’t blog yesterday. I took these cuties to a 7:40pm movie. Camryn was due for a special treat (for doing her chores, successful pottying, etc) so we made it a date night and went to see Frozen…which by the way we already own and have seen a million and one times. She sang “Do you wanna build a snowman…” at the top of her lungs for everyone in the theatre and my husband and I nearly peed from laughing so hard.

So there you have it, all my excuses for being a slacker. In more eventful news, here’s what I’ve been loving all week!

Lust List Image 1.|| Annie’s sent me a free coupon to try their new frozen meals, which can be found in the freezer section of Target. I buy Annie’s products all the time for Camryn, and love that they’re organic and use high quality ingredients. I chose the lasagna, but there are a few great options – like butternut squash macaroni, or chicken & shells with white cheese. Dinner at my house is always a bit chaotic, and having a quick and easy meal was a lifesaver for me last week. Camryn loved it! My husband and I really liked it too, and the price and convenience makes it a total no-brainer. Here’s a link to a $2 off coupon if you want to give it a try too.


2.|| I shared a few of my favorite YouTubers a few months ago, but have recently started watching Hannah Maggs channel and I’m obsessed. She recently had a baby, and he’s the cutest thing ever. I love her honesty about being a mom, and just watching her learn all the things I remember learning when Camryn was born. She’s also beautiful, and does makeup tutorials.

3.|| Jana Bek, one of my favorite designers, has started selling her hand painted lamps. How amazing is this lamp?! You can get your hands on one by e-mailing her.

4.|| I’m loving this maxi dress from Nordstrom. BONUS, it’s on sale!

5.|| Ryan Gosling anyone?! Just press the link…do it…you know you want to. Who am I kidding, nobodies even reading this anymore. You skipped out when you saw the words RYAN GOSLING! No apology necessary, I totally understand. ;-)

6.|| A magician tricks dogs, and it’s hilarious!

7.|| My new white console arrived this week and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be good quality because of the crazy low price, but to my surprise it’s great! $107 console for the win! I love that it doesn’t have a drawer pull because I can customize it and make it look so much more expensive than it actually is. I’m loving these pulls in brass…the hard part is picking just one!

8.|| 53 thoughts everygirl, including myself, has while shopping at Target….aka The Holy Land.

9.|| Kirsten from 6th Street Design School recently took a quick trip to Paris with her husband and blogged all about it. Her pictures literally make my heart sad, I miss Paris that much. If you’ve never been be sure to check out her post on seeing Paris in 1 day.

10.|| There’s nothing better than women empowering and supporting other women, and this is a great read all about that.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and stay tuned for a big giveaway coming your way very soon!

XO – Samantha


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