20 Facts

I was tagged on Instagram to share 20 facts about myself, and figured this was a fun way to also introduce myself to a few of my new blog readers. Hope you enjoy reading some of the very random quirks I have. :-) Happy friday friends!

Hanna Mac Photography

Photo Cred: Hanna Mac Photography

1.) My parents named me after a dog. Thanks mom.

2.) I’ve accidentally been telling people I’m 28 all year…I don’t turn 28 until Dec 26th.

3.) Speaking of my bad memory, I’ve NEVER remembered my wedding anniversary. In fact, our 10 year dating anni passed on Tuesday and I forgot.

4.) My husband & I eloped to Vegas and had a total stranger as our witness. It was the best decision ever. Elvis didn’t officiate…biggest regret ever.

5.) My favorite foods are Thai & Mexican. I love lots of herbs and spices…and chocolate.

6.) My favorite color is coral.

7.) I need at least 8 hours of sleep (my husband says its more like 14 hours) or I’m a total b!+<h. I don’t see why letting me sleep in every day is an unreasonable request?!

8.) I was mugged when Camryn was 6 months old, and my wedding ring was stolen. (Neither of us was harmed)

9.) I wear a size 8 shoe but always try on a 7 1/2 first…I secretly want smaller, cute feet. My feet are not cute, at all.

10.) I have an older sister that’s 6 years older, and a little sister that’s 15 years younger.

11.) I wore braces twice. I wore retainers never. I need braces again.

12.) I’ve been wearing the same yoga pants 3 days in a row. Don’t judge me.

13.) I’m a homebody but I have wanderlust. If I’m not on a plane at least once every 3 months I get antsy.

14.) I only have a handful of friends. I’m very guarded in real life.

15.) I’m addicted to pillows. I have a closet full of nothing but pillows that I store and rotate year round. My sister texts my husband when we go shopping and I buy more pillows. She’s a nark, and trying to have an intervention on me. I bought a new pillow today. Suck it sista! (But don’t tell my husband)

16.) I swear like a sailor. My mom hates it. My dad swore a lot, so I blame genetics.

17.) I LOVE getting mail. Cards, postcards, packages, they make me so happy!

18.) I’m horrible at doing my own nails.

19.) I’m also impatient (which is probably why I can’t paint my own nails).

20.) I have absolutely no sense of direction. If I’m going somewhere for the first time I give myself a 30 minute buffer to get lost. Im also a human homing device, and find myself driving home sometimes when I meant to go somewhere else.

I tag all my blogger friends – you know who you are – I want to read about you and your weird, quirky selves.

XO – Samantha

P.S. Random facts #21: I hate my husbands hair in this picture. It was a bajillion degrees out, and I think even his hair products said “I quit!”.


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