Let’s go to the beach…

pool bag.jpg …and by beach, I really mean the pool!

Anytime I leave the house, especially with Camryn in tow, I have to make sure I have all the essentials. The pool is no exception. With that said, I also don’t want to be hauling around a million products that I don’t need, because a wet toddler is already a handful enough! Here are my must-have pool/beach bag items. Lets start with the most obvious – a good pool bag. I got mine last year from Barnes & Nobles for $10 with the purchase of a book. It’s large, easy to clean, and came with a palm tree keychain that was Camryn’s jam for weeks. *Winning* I always pack a sun hat, water (add cucumbers to stay hydrated and reduce swelling), and a good book or trashy magazine. My mom and I have both been wanting to read The Fault In Our Stars, so I bought it yesterday for her to read while she’s visiting, and then I’ll read it after she finishes.


1. Camryn has fair skin, and I’m trying to not look old yet, so a good sunscreen is a must. I bought the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ spf UVA/UVB oil in Paris last fall, and instantly fell in love with it. It’s geared towards sensitive skin, or people with a sun allergy. It claims to prevent sun spots, especially in pregnancy, and is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. I feel extremely safe putting this on Camryn’s skin, as well as my own pregnant belly. It feels incredibly hydrating, and has prevented sunburn even in the 100 degree texas weather. It’s unfortunately not sold in the U.S. but can be bought through Boots and shipped internationally.

2. Supergoop facial serum is one of the only daily sunscreens that I can use without noticing a build-up of oil and acne. It’s lightweight, less fragrant than other facial SPF’s, and hydrates my skin while fighting discoloration in my skin. I use this everyday before applying my makeup, and apply it multiple times while hanging out at the pool.


3. My beloved wet brush. I couldn’t live without this brush. I have extremely thick, long, and curly hair that tangles if you look at it the wrong way. A day in the pool or at the beach does serious damage to my hair, and I’d be helpless without my wet brush. It’s less than $10, and it does the job of an army on my tangled tresses. Every lady should own one. Enough said.

4. A hair mask – really any good hair mask will work, this is just what I’m trying to use up. It’s a great product, and I especially like the DermOrganics argan oil, but it’s not one that I’m saying will change your life. If you have long hair, or color treated hair, do yourself a favor and pack a deep conditioner. Your hair will thank you.poolbag2.jpg

Last but not least, a cute headband and hair tie to keep your moisturized hair off your face, and a pair of sunnies. My black & white striped headband is from Little Big Dreamers (and is actually Camryn’s, but dangit it looks cute on me!), and my sunglasses are from House of Harlow (no longer available). I love taking these in my beach bag because they don’t press down on my cheeks like some sunnies do. I hate when sunglasses touch my cheeks and get makeup or sunscreen all over them, and leave red lines on my cheeks. Camryn loves these glasses too, and has been seen sporting them here, and here. :-)

What do you keep in your beach bag? Tomorrow I’ll share my beach bag “beauty essentials” that take me from sweaty beach bum to bronzed babe in minutes.

My mom is flying in today, and will be staying with me for 10 days, so I won’t be posting on Thursday, but you can catch me back on Friday. Side note: Moms are the best, aren’t they? I called her a few months ago, right after getting pregnant, in full-blown panic mode stressing over my house being cluttered, and needing to purge before baby #2 arrives…she booked a flight that week and is coming to be super-mom and help me organize and have a garage sale to get rid of things we don’t need before bringing in new furniture and baby stuff. Best. Mom. Ever. She is also the queen of laundry, so I may have stopped washing all my clothes last week in anticipation of her arrival. ;-) Outside of making her do days and days of hard labor (like painting Camryn’s room, and the nursery) we’ll also be enjoying a few pool days, ballet classes, pedicures, and movie dates.

XO – Samantha


  1. Obsessed with that headband and the gold hair tie! Also love your sunglasses. My mom is amazing at laundry also and I am the worst …. You would think some of those skills would have been passed down. XO

  2. I need that hat in my life ASAP!!! Mom’s really are the best and that’s how you are such a great mommy – you learned from the best!! I never thought to use a hair mask – but it totally makes sense!! :)

  3. Definitely want to check out that SPF oil, sounds like good stuff! And yes, moms are the best!!! I’m always so productive around the house getting things checked off the list when she’s here. You gals have fun!

  4. Love that cute headband! That’s such a great idea. My hair is always all over the place when I’m on the boat or laying out. I used to put a deep conditioner in my hair when I went to the pool/beach and it is such a hair saver! I’m bad about doing it now though. Great list! Looking forward to your beach beauty essentials!

  5. SPF Serum?! How did I not know that his existed?!

    Enjoy your mama — we always need them, no matter how old we get! :)

  6. So excited for you to have your momma come visit! Moms are the BEST for purging and organizing :) Hope you have an amazing time together! xoxo

  7. My skin LOVES LRP products!!! And the wet brush is a MUST!!

  8. How do you like The Fault in Our Stars? I love the Green Brothers! I end up watching too much of their YouTube channel thanks to my day job & have not read it book, but have to say they throw a pretty epic conference/party every year)

  9. Just finished the Fault in our Stars and loved it! Happy beaching!
    xo Liz

    Baby Got B.A.

  10. Might have to try that supergoop!! Have a blast with your mama!! Moms really are the best and they always know when they can help :)

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