Sick Days


You are sweet, sweet friends if you’re still here reading this little blog of mine after my disappearing act the last week. So much has happened…but mostly, I’ve been sick…again. Camryn brought home a cold the first week into preschool (I expected it) and of course I caught it. It has morphed from your simple stuffy nosed cold into a chest cold that makes me cough and talk like a 90 year old smoker. To make things even worse, my morning sickness has returned with a vengeance. *Cough – Throw Up – Cough* Oh, and did I mention my husband decided to get food poisoning? Yeah, thats currently happening. Let me be the first to say that the only thing worse than being terribly sick and pregnant is being sick, pregnant, and having your spouse be legitimately more sick so you’re stuck playing nurse in between bouts of sickness. He’s lucky I love him so fiercely.

So that my friends is why I’ve not been around, or sharing updates about our family “staycation” from last weekend, or my 24 hour trip to New Orleans this past weekend – I promise to share all those crazy details and photos just as soon as I can get my head out of the toilet.

I’ll be teaming up with some awesome shops in a few days for another Instagram giveaway, so stay tuned for that as well (look for the announcement on IG, as I’m not the main host).

XO – Samantha


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