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Yippee! I’m back! After nearly a solid month of travelling, I’m finally home and it feel so damn good! I started this post saying “Sorry I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks…” but honestly, I’m not sorry. I had such great trips, spent quality time with my husband and Camryn, and was really present. My blog is a priority to me, but sometimes I need to step away and enjoy my life a little without feeling guilty when I don’t snap that picture, or document every moment. With Harper on her way I’m trying to really soak up these last few months as a family of 3. So no, I’m not sorry, but I am very grateful to all of you who stuck around while I was gone.

Where to start? My first stop was in Washington State where a large portion of our family and friends live. My husband and I both grew up there, so going back is always fun and full of catching up with old friends. It never feels like we have enough time there to see everyone, and our trips are always so chaotic and rushed, but two weeks was perfect this time. Following WA we headed to New York for a week. My husband had a work conference to attend and Camryn and I tagged along for fun. I love NY. Camryn learned to walk in Central Park, I think it’s a beautiful city, and I absolutely love going there…with that said, I H-A-T-E Times Square. Lucky me, our hotel was in the heart of Times Square. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this photo…

NY4 This is me, hiding in our hotel room while I drank my coffee and ate breakfast because I could literally TASTE the smelly streets and people in Times Square. I repeat, they smelled so bad I could taste them.

On the bright side, we still had a great time.








NY10 When we got home we had the best mail waiting for us (a months worth). I had indulged in a few of the new Duchess & Lion Co items, and the “Bad Apple Dress” had arrived. It might be my new favorite dress ever.

duchess and lion 2

Duchess and Lion I can’t get over how grown up my girl looks. She starts school on the 25th and I think I might cry for the first month. She also has to wear a uniform, which might also make me cry. What will I do with all her cute clothes Monday-Friday?! ;-)

I’ll have a new post coming your way tomorrow…maybe 2…woah, I know, things are getting cray cray around here!!

XO – Samantha


  1. First off – you were greatly missed but thank god I can keep up via instagram because I need my daily does of Camryn!! She’s a doll and that last photo gets me every time!! xo

  2. Little bitty painted piggies are quite possibly the cutest thing ever. I’ve never been to NY, but my husband has often complained of the smelly follks :(

  3. So glad your back and looking forward to a new post or two this week! I’ve been MIA on the blog this summer and I haven’t even been traveling lol. Camyrn’s outfits are beyond adorable. Definitely soak up that time of being a family of 3 while you can! I just ordered Whitney English’s Day designer which I’m counting on being the key to organizing my life and balancing everything. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some posts up with a bit of substance to them again. lol It is the January edition though so I’ll do the best I can for now! XO

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