Friday Links 5/22

Oh Friday, how I love you. Especially the friday before a long weekend. Does it get any better?

I have been sick, sick, sick, and slacking on this poor little blog. Still alive over here, just can’t seem to muster up enough energy at the end of the day to come put something up that doesn’t feel half-assed. I’ve managed to bookmark a few things I’ve been loving this week, so lets jump right in!

Lust List Image 1.|| With the heat increasing rapidly, I’ve been having to shave more and more frequently, and despite having a new and awesome razor (more on that later) I’m really contemplating having my hair removed. I came across the Tria, and I’m quite intrigued. Anyone tried this and have reviews for me? It’s pricey, but not when you compare it to in-office treatments. Plus, I would bet the convenience of having an at-home hair removal system is worth a pretty penny.

2.|| The packaging on this fragrance makes me say “oh hell yes”, but so does the scent. This will be added to my collection in the very near future.

3.|| L&L raved about this makeup, and y’all know I can’t help but want to try it.

4.|| I picked up this conditioner on a whim last week and I’ve been really loving it. It smells amazing, doesn’t weigh down my hair, and leaves my ends feeling moisturized. I’m interested in trying out other products from this line.

5.|| I love this fun nursery design. It’s so happy!

And last…

Hanna Mac Photography A sneaky peek at our family photos, taken by the amazing Hanna Mac Photography. Click that link if you want to see a few more of the fun pictures she took. She captured Camryn’s crazy toddler personality perfectly, spit bubbles, derp faces, and busy busy busy energy included. She has been photographing Camryn since birth, and will be taking the first pictures of our next baby in December. If you’re in the Austin – San Antonio area, she’s your girl. She also opened up her schedule for WEDDINGS!! She’s also on facebook, and posts the most beautiful photos of her sessions and her drop-dead-gorgeous daughters.

I’ll be linking up over at Meet @ The Barre, so come say hi and give Amanda some love.

Have a great long weekend friends!

XO – Samantha


  1. If that tria system was in my budget I would snatch it up in a second! Get it! That nursery is so sweet! I am going to either make gold polka dots for my wall in the office or cave in and buy them from land of nod. Depends how my patience holds up lol. I am in love with your family photos. They are perfect. I love the one of you kneeling down with Camryn by your side. You guys have to be the cutest family ever. Oh and It is taking extreme willpower to not order that dress you are wearing! :) XO

  2. your family photos are gorgeous! off to squiz at some more.
    also, im gonna check out that conditioner for sure. sounds perfect!

  3. Sorry to hear that you have been ill. Hope you are feeling better. I have been thinking of getting the Tria, it’s just so $$$. Beautiful family picture. Enjoy your weekend.

    Best, Mree

  4. I am so interested in the tria but need to hear more before dropping that price I agree. Ummmmmm can that picture be anymore gorgeous???? That conditioner may be added to my next sephora run! Thanks so much for linking up gorgeous! xoxooxo

  5. Your family photos are absolutely GORGEOUS and I am loving that nursery too! Are you doing #2s room like that? I can’t wait to see!

  6. I have been wondering about the Tria… I would love it if it actually works! That family photo sneak peak is gorgeous!!

  7. That photo is gorgeous! :)
    I would LOVE to try the Tria. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. SO expensive though!

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