Harper’s Nursery Progress

So I finished taping, and sealing, and painting my accent herringbone wall…and it turned out HORRIBLE! I kid you not, when I started pulling the tape, and the paint started peeling, I nearly cried. I’m in touch-up hell. I should have known it wouldn’t be perfect with my textured walls, but I was really hoping it miraculously would be.

herringbone wall

Cringe! Look at all those jagged lines that I have to fix. :-( (The coloring looks slightly more blue in this photo than in person.)

In other news, I think I’m slowly beginning to nail down some of the other room details (fabric, furniture, art, etc.) Here’s a glimpse at what I’m envisioning so far…Oh, and did I mention we named our little lady?! Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.17.08 PM

You’ll have to use a little imagination, but this is the basics. I’ll actually use this art in a thick matted frame, which should help break up some of the herringbone wall. I’m DIY’ing Camryn’s dark wood dresser and updating it with some brass pulls. The fabric for the pillows and custom drapes are from Caitlin Wilson’s Tribeca line, and she is currently running a 15% off coupon with code FREEDOM15.

The gorgeous coral midcentury armchair – SWOON – was a gift from my husband. I’m smitten. :-) We have a big (ugly, but uber comfy) rocking armchair that will be in our master bedroom for late night feedings, so my pink chair is really just for sitting and staring at my beautiful baby when she arrives, and admiring her bedroom that’s prettier than my own. Why is it that our kids always end up with more thoughtfully designed, and nicer looking bedrooms than our own?! W.T.H.

I’ve had questions about how I created the herringbone wall, so for those of you interested (and crazy enough like I was), I will post a tutorial soon.

XO – Samantha


  1. That wall came out gorgeous. I did striped walls in our playroom years ago and I thought that required enough work lol. Herringbone is impressive. Your nursery design is perfection. Harper is one lucky little lady. (Love her name!) This is motivating me to start getting more house stuff done. XO

  2. Oh my gosh that wall looks amazing!!! You did an amazing job!! I love the dresser color with that chair – it’s such a pretty color combination!! I didn’t realize that you guys had picked a name – I love the name Harper – so sweet!! Hope you have a wonderful 4th!!

  3. Oh my gosh. I am obsessed. Can you PLEASE come and help me with my living room and bedroom design?? Seriously, you are a professional!! I love it, Harper is one lucky lady! xoxo

  4. OMG!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You go girl!!!! :)

  5. Love her name!!! That’s one of my dear friend’s little girls name :) The wall looks killer. Yes there’s touch up, but it’s totally going to be worth it!

  6. ahhh I love the flamingo idea for baby girls nursery!! There is something so cute and playful about flamingos. The herringbone wall looks great in the photo actually but I’m guessing it’s just when you are looking at it up close.

  7. So stinking cute! Harper is an ADORABLE name and she will have the cutest nursery ever!

  8. H Bear says:

    I am about to do this project this week! Did you use 2 inch tape? Any tips to offer?

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