The indecisive weather here in Austin has forced Camryn and I into hibernation. We’re officially doing nothing that doesn’t involve staying in our jammies all day, snuggling and watching movies, drinking hot cocoa, or playing with toys. I made a “market” which has kept us very entertained. Her imagination runs wild these days, and it’s just so fun to watch her pretend to be a chef serving Mommy lunch, a “farmers market owner” selling me veggies, or my favorite “I’m just Camryn Reese, Mom!” I can’t wait to reuse our market as a lemonade stand this summer, or as a puppet theater when I make a curtain. Daddy’s favorite use is a kissing booth where he can buy smooches for a quarter. :-) DIY for this SUPER easy stand coming ASAP.

Day27option2 Sorry for the crappy iphone quality picture, but tell me that’s not a total cutie hamming it up in her “market”! She got to taste a Crush soda, her first soda ever, which made her grin from ear to ear. I’m going to make little tags that say “I have a CRUSH on you!” to attach to the sodas and give out with our cookies on V-day.

How cute is this “Embrace Messy Hair” sweatshirt from Grey Thread! Messy hair is right.


We also did mani’s…

Day28 Rainbow nails made the freezing weather seem not so bad. Camryn always says “Paint my nails Mommy. I want green.” Always green…always. Rainbow was a nice change, but I’d paint those sweet little baby fingers any color, any day.

That’s pretty much our day in a nutshell. Like I said, we’re hibernating.

XO – Samantha


  1. You are just the funnest mom ever!! My nieces and nephew have a little puppet theater and I love watching the stories they come up with!! I wish i still had that imagination!! Love the mani!

  2. I am dying over her “embrace messy hair” top. Dying!

  3. So fun & I love her nails! Too cute.

  4. How creative are you? That looks like so much fun! I want that sweatshirt for me! Do they make it in big people size? :-)

    • Thanks Amanda!! And believe it or not, yes, that sweatshirt comes in adult sizes too. Isn’t it the best?! There’s a floral sweatshirt with that saying on it that I’m dying to get for myself. :-)

  5. Kirsten Fickel says:

    Cute mini mani’s, what happened to yellow, she wants grandmas favorite green

  6. That is so cuteā€¦and so is she!

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