It’s a GIRL!!

We went to see our OB yesterday, and finally found out who’s been torturing me for the last 16 weeks…

ItsAGirl SURPRISE – It’s another tiny LADY!!

Camryn is thrilled, and can’t wait for her little sister to arrive. She’s known all along it was a girl, even when I was sure it must be a boy. She asked yesterday in the car, on our way to the doctors, “are we going to see baby —— on the doctors TV again today?” (I’ll share her name soon) Sister intuition, I guess. :-)

I haven’t shared many bump pics lately, and this is unfortunately the only one I have for you… *Pre warning!! I’m half naked!! Be afraid!!*

pregnant16weeks Please excuse the excessive amount of skin. We’ve been living in the pool lately, it’s just too hot here!

Week 16 started yesterday, and I’m still sick. This little lady is stubborn. There’s an old wives tale that says if you’re sick during pregnancy, baby will have lots of hair. Please let that be true!!! Camryn was bald till her 2nd birthday, poor kid.

Stay tuned for tomorrows “What’s In My Pool Bag” post. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite summer must-have items, and some beauty products that help take you from sweaty beach-bum, to bronzed-babe in minutes.

XO – Samantha


  1. Oh my gosh Congratulations!!! Sisters are the best. Btw you are adorable pregnant. I never could have rocked a bikini like that but you look so cute! XO

  2. CONGRATS!! Someone needed to be able to enjoy all of Camryn’s amazing hand me downs :).

    By the way, could you BE any cuter in your bikini (Chandler Bing is asking, obviously)?! I hope to look half as good as you one day!

  3. Yay for another little lady!! Girl I look like you do after I eat a big dinner haha!! can the doctor give you anything for your sickness?

  4. So excited for y’all!!!! And you are ADORABLE!!! <3

  5. 1) girls are the best; 2)you can re-use a lot of the same stuff; 3)you have a cute cute bump; and 4)we live at the pool, too.

  6. wooot wooot!!! Congrats to you and your fam!!! xoxo

  7. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I would have put money on it being a boy, but super excited for you guys to have another incredibly adorable girl! And, it just ain’t right how great you look in that bikini. I’m off to go eat a cookie now ;)

  8. awww congrats!!! You look fab!

  9. CONGRATULATIONSSSS!!! I have two girls, 3 year old and a 6 month old- sisters are awesome! I am sorry you are so sick, I was really sick the 2nd time around- up until 19 -20 weeks. And she doesnt have much hair, haha, sorry to burst a bubble. Also, you look amazing- I swear the moment I got pregnant this time- immediate belly pop! Hope you feel better very soon!!

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