Link Love

1.|| The most beautiful garden party, all to celebrate a beautiful 4 year old. Kristin can do no wrong!!!

2.|| The best smelling diffuser. My husband makes me buy these by the dozen for his office.

3.|| I have naturally wavy hair, but when I want that genuinely beachy wave, I grab this. It smells of coconuts, and instantly makes me feel like I live in Hawaii and surf all day.

4.|| Erin Mayshed’s beautiful home tour has me dreaming of all white walls, and pops of color. Check out the before and after pics.

5.|| Check out this awesome candle jar DIY. I know I have a bunch of the Bath & Body candle jars in a cabinet just waiting for a makeover.

6.|| These shoes are great for travel. Comfortable, easy to fold and pack into a carry-on, and so chic. Did I mention they’re on sale?

7.|| I invested in a few new foundations for the summer months, and have been really enjoying this liquid foundation, and this powder foundation. Have you tried either? Full reviews coming soon!

8.|| If you’re a mom, or a blogger, you’re probably stuck behind your camera 8 out of 12 hours a day….amiright? I love this DIY camera strap tutorial, and will definitely be giving it a whirl.

9.|| I want to eat this in a taco, on a chip, under dressing, and every other possible way…just get in my belly!!

10.|| I’m visiting my hometown for a few days, and will probably be found most often here eating bagel after bagel after bagel. Oh sweet baby jesus, I L-O-V-E their bagels. I have literally been dreaming about them this entire pregnancy. If I come home 10 lbs heavier, don’t judge me. ;-) As always, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and here. I have some posts scheduled for you, and will also pop in from my phone with some random “Hi, I’m still alive…and eating bagels!” updates.


  1. Why did you share the link to those shoes – love them!! Enjoy being home and eating those bagels!! xo

  2. I am obsessed with that garden party. I was swooning over all her pictures last night and it is official I am definitely stealing the idea for Emily’s 2nd birthday. I was going to do mermaids, but I’m not sure a 2 year old can fully appreciate a mermaid party as much as I’d expect. lol Who knows though that is quite a while away in Feb. Those events always seem to sneak up though. White rooms with pops of color make me soo happy! Hopefully next week I’ll get my act together and actually post on the blog. Ive been a mess this summer. Have a great trip! XO

  3. You are just the cutest. Eat ALL of the bagels, and then eat another one for me (with no less than 1.5in of schmere, you understand?). Going to pick up that hair spray today during my big Friday outing to Target (my life is so interesting).

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Love a post filled with great links!! I stopped by Erin’s home tour last week and fell in love with that playroom. She did such a great job!

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