My Weekend in Instagram Pictures

Good morning sleepy heads! I bet you’re wishing you had that extra hour to snooze…I know I do!! ;-)

If you follow me on Instagram, this will look familiar, but for those of you who don’t here’s a glimpse into what my weekend looked like.


How darling is that romper? Gap sales never fail me. weekend2

Camryn and I finally started feeling better, and had enough energy to begin painting her room. If you have a toddler, you’ll understand why she has her own mini-roller and paint tray…She has to help me do EVERYTHING. I had to paint while she watched a movie and was entertained, keep the room closed off for hours with windows open and fans on so it could dry and air out, and then finally let her “paint”. She was thrilled! I also ordered the Anthropologie wallpaper for her room, and should have it this week. Woohoo! weekend4


My husband takes Camryn out for dates on the weekends, or weeknights if it’s not too late, and has quality daddy-daughter time with her. They grocery shop for me, go out to dinner and ice cream, play at the park, and do fun things just the two of them. It’s my favorite time to relax, put on a face mask, read a magazine while soaking in a bubble bath, and they both come home happy (and tired). Win-win! If you ask Camryn who her favorite is, mom or dad, she always says “Mommy!”, but he’s slowly wearing her down…one frozen yogurt at a time. weekend5

Those pigtails kill me. Some days I just can’t believe I made that cute baby…and that my “baby” is not such a baby anymore.

What did you get up to this weekend?

XO – Samantha

P.S…So many of you have asked what happened to “Camryn Daily”, and here’s the truth…I failed. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated, and life happened. I have decided to change the project from Camryn Daily to Camryn Weekly, and I’ll be updating with her weekly photos within a few days.


  1. That romper is adorable! I love your wood floors! Can’t wait to see what the wallpaper looks like once it’s up. Btw that is the sweetest thing about your husband and Camryn. Love the daddy daughter dates! Have you ever put up wallpaper before, because I could use some tips lol.

  2. She is just a doll!!! I love that your hubby takes her on “dates” – I asked Gary one time if he’d take our imaginary and not yet born daughter on dates – he said of course lol! Happy Monday!

  3. The romper is killinggggg me. So cute.

  4. She is so cute I can’t stand it! Those pigtails I die! That sounds like such a great plan the daddy-daughter outing…she will really cherish those times especially as she grows up. <3

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