First Lust List of 2014

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The-Little-Market-Styled-Trunks-7602-434x652 1.|| This beautiful white and brown leather trunk from The Little Market has me swooning.

2.|| I’ve been eyeing this headboard for Camryn’s room.

3.|| We need new light fixtures desperately, and I’ve been loving a few from Restoration Hardware, including this dramatic little gem. I’m loving these for over my bar.

4.|| I mentioned yesterday that my husband and I want to travel overseas again this year, and we’ve been talking about seeing Greece. After looking at pictures, I’m sold! Has anyone been? Do you recommend it? My husband visited years ago, and wants to return.

5.|| I recently started watching the Gossip Girls series on Netflix after one of you suggested it to me, and I’m hooked! My husband will not stop making fun of me, and says it’s a show for young teens, but I highly disagree, there’s some stuff going on in the show that is not at all for young teens. Please leave a comment if you watched this show, and prove my husband wrong!!!

6.|| I saw this picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and I can’t stop thinking about changing my hair. Ombre? I have the length and I like the idea of focusing the damage to the ends of my hair so I can chop it off if I get tired of it being bleached. Thoughts?

7.|| If you live in the Austin area, be sure to check out the grand opening party at the new SprATX location on Saturday the 4th!

8.|| I found thinly sliced agate at Homegoods last week and I plan to frame them for my husband office. I’m envisioning 2 stacked frames (similar to photo above) with antlers above. Moth Designs has a great DIY tutorial for framing agate if you want some for your home.

9.|| This kills me.

10.|| How cute is this dress from Mason and the Tambourine? I couldn’t buy it for Camryn fast enough. I wish Candy Kirby Designs would start making dresses, because I’m smitten with her fabrics.

Did you check out yesterdays “Camryn Daily” pic? Our park doesn’t have potties, so I’m always that ghetto mom toting around a kid potty in my car. My house is only 4 houses away from the park, but this mommy is not going to pick up my kid and start running home when she says “I need to potty Mommy!”. Yeah, I lead a really glamorous life. If you haven’t checked out the pics you can see them all here.

Happy Friday!!

XO – Samantha



  1. Taylor says:

    DEFINITELY(!!!) a teen girls show :]

  2. That chandelier is GORGEOUS! I love Restoration Hardware. I don’t go there often as I think Dakota might kill me after I spend a month’s salary in a couple hours ;) What part/parts of Greece are you thinking?? I think we’re doing Mexico this year but we’ve been talking about Greece for a while!

    • We have an outlet an hour away, but I’m not sure if it carries any lighting…T would not be pleased with me spending too much time shopping there either. Lol
      We’re looking into Mykonos primarily, but we’ve just started researching. You know us, we’ll jump around and try to see it all.

  3. Did you see the Industrial Elements sale on Joss and Main today? They have a way less expensive version of the orb chandelier. Also I say go for the ombre! I’ve been rocking it for a year and I love it. Low maintenance mama;)

  4. Samantha M says:

    So many cute things! And your hair is gorgeous and you could definitely pull off the ombre look. I say go for it! x

  5. Freaking LOVE gossip girl!! It’s so easy to get hooked on the characters and they’re fancy lives that seem unrealistic for teenagers lol. Also, I’ve been obsessed with ombre hair lately… I just want my hair to be about 6″ longer so I can get that same look! I say you should go for it!

    • YES!!! Thank you, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. :-) I’m loving your hair in it’s more natural state, it makes your eyes pop. XO


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