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I have a confession to make!! I love gift sets, not only because there are so many goodies in one package, but because you get to test out so many products!! These are some of my favorite gift sets to give and to receive, perfect for the make-up lover or product hoarder in your life!!

Super Star Favorites

This little beauty has a large haul of Sephora’s best selling products in perfectly sized samples!! It’s a little bigger than a sample size and get’s you enough product to really test out if you like it!
Getting this set for Christmas and being to turn around and really get dolled up for New Years Eve would be perfect! It even has a metallic clutch that can double as your purse for your night out!! My favorite product is the fake lashes to really glam up your look!
If you’re anything like me then you love lipsticks and glosses – so this is the perfect gift set for the lip lover!!! I have the Bite Beauty Lip Crayon and the color is gorgeous!! My other favorite from this set is the Urban Decay lipstick – it’s my everyday lip color!
If you’re anything like me then your hands get super dry in the winter – these are some of the best hand creams out there!! They are full size so you’re basically getting one for free! Another option with this gift set is opening it up and gifting as a stocking stuffer for the ladies in your life!
One of my favorite things to have on hand in every purse, gym bag or make-up case is a travel size mascara. You can never have too mascaras right?! I really love all of these in the set, but They’re Real and Lancome’s Hypnose are my favorites. Another great piece in this set is the eye make-up remover that comes with it, it’s not oily and doesn’t leave a residue behind which I love!
I’m a huge fan of Josie Maran’s argan oils and this set is one I purchased for my mom last year and she’s already requested another one for this year!! It has her best selling products in here including the daily moisturizer which has an SPF of 47 and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy!!
So there you have it – a few of my favorite gift sets!! Are you a fan of gift sets? Which is your favorite?

Winterize Your Makeup

Good Morning! I hope you’ve been loving my new contributors and their amazing posts so far because today I have Biana, from BLovedBoston, who is our newest Beauty Contributor! I honestly don’t remember how I met B (Ugh, damn you preggo brain!!) but I know it was shortly after I began blogging. She had just recently started blogging as well and would – without fail – read every one of my posts and leave me the sweetest and most supportive comments. She still does. Even when I get caught up with mom life and am lucky to leave her a single comment in a month, she is ALWAYS there, reading my posts, and being such an incredible friend and supporter of mine. I love her to pieces and I’m so happy that she’s agreed to donate her time to share some of her fab beauty tips, reviews, and tricks with all of you. You can also find her on Instagram, and if you’ve never checked out her blog, you definitely need to! Read more about her, and all the other contributors, here.
BLovedBoston Collage

While I realize that the harshness of winter weather is relative to where you live, I think we can all agree that there is a point in the season that our make-up routine just isn’t cutting it and doesn’t quite look as good as it did in the spring and summer. My skin starts to look a bit colorless and needs some life put back in, so I’m a firm believer in changing up the routine and adding in a few products that might be a bit too “heavy” for the summer but are perfect for Fall/Winter weather!

I prep my skin with Ponds Dry Skin Cream. It’s a little on the heavy side for the summer, but my skin gets dryer this time of year so the thicker formula is perfect! I don’t really like to wear foundation every day, but I feel like I need more coverage and Naked Skin is the perfect formula because as the name suggests it’s really light so I get the coverage without feeling like I’m wearing too much makeup!! Since my skin isn’t really tan to begin with, I need all the help I can get!! Enter in Benefit’s Hoolah bronzer!! It takes a really long time to get through one package and a little goes a long way. It’s perfect for that “just got back from St. Barth’s look” we all want to exude this time of year. Finally my favorite way to add a little life back into my face is with a really high watt lip color!! Bite Lip Crayons are so pigmented and don’t dry your lips out!! If you want the perfect red lip – try “Pomegranate!!”Do you alter anything about your makeup routine with the change of seasons?

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