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Let me be the first to say – Thank you baby jesus, it’s FRIDAY!

You may have noticed that I disappeared the last 2 days, and for once, it wasn’t because I’m a shit blogger. This time it was because I caught the flu. Yes, the dreaded, kneeling to the porcelain throne, F-L-U. And yes, it was as awful as you are imagining. So horrible that I spent Tuesday night in the hospital getting IV nausea meds, potassium, and fluids. That, my friends, is how pregnant ladies party!

I am finally feeling better, and have some fun links to share with you.

1.|| I have fallen in love with Britt Bass’s artwork. They are so happy, and colorful, and unique. This original 12×12 titled “Popsicle” is one of my favorites. Her print titled “He & I” is another favorite.

2.|| This beautiful bronze floor lamp is a must-have for Harper’s nursery.

3.|| This eyeliner is amazing for oily eyelids, and the brush tip allows for such precise lines. If you struggle with winged liner, you need this.

4.|| This beautiful quote. Be yourself, do what makes you happiest, and run from anyone who tries to take that away.

5.|| I can’t wait to put these on Camryn, and these on Harper. Let’s not mention to my husband that it will be another year and a half before Harps can walk in hers, ‘kay? ;-)

6.|| I stumbled across this knock-off acrylic wine rack at Target yesterday. For just $16 it obviously found it’s way home with me.

7.|| If you want golden, glowing skin like J.Lo, you need this bronzing body “makeup”. It makes your skin look sunkissed without the risk of permanently orange palms.

8.|| Being pregnant in the summer (in texas) means living in maxi dresses, and this dress for $12 is my new best friend. It’s lightweight, stretchy, and uber comfortable. The fact that it only cost me two starbucks coffee’s doesn’t hurt either!

9.|| If I were a drinking lady (and by drinking lady I mean not preggo), I’d be sipping on one of these every day this summer. Go check out Spoonful Of Foodies – a group of super talented ladies are putting together a Date Night Menu that is drool worthy.


10.|| Last but not least, I finally managed to knock-out that DIY art I mentioned a few days ago. Pictures and instructions are coming your way Monday.

Have a great weekend!

XO – Samantha

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