The Mother of all mothers Giveaway!

Good morning friends, and happy monday! Don’t grump out on me yet, because I promise to make this a very happy monday for you too. :-)

My very sweet friend Jayme, one of the owners and creative ladies behind Kate & James, and I have been talking about hosting a giveaway together for quite awhile now. In the past we had put things on hold because we wanted to bring you all a giveaway that you’d remember; a giveaway worth telling your friends about. Well lucky you, that giveaway is here, and there are a whopping 15 shops bringing you some phenomenal prizes! Jayme & I did our homework on this one, and we rounded up 15 of our favorite mama & mini companies who have so graciously offered up prizes that we’re absolutely drooling over. We own many of these items and are here to tell you that they are amazing! These are the types of women that inspire me daily. I created this little blog so I could stand beside incredibly talented, hardworking women like them, and I’m just so honored to be in their presence. I hope you’re all as excited about this giveaway as I am, because it’s the #MotherOfAllMothers!

All of the images below are linked directly to the item, so feel free to click the image if you don’t want to test your luck and would rather purchase immediately.

Ready to meet the rad ladies behind all the brands? lemons tee Kate & James – Lemons Make Lemonade Tee.

Jayme, my giveaway co-host, is the owner of Kate & James. She and her friend Katie started K & J in 2014 and have been killing it ever since. You’ve seen them clogging my Instagram feed on the regular with adorable pictures of Camryn rocking her “Lemons” tee, and with the new arrivals of their baby size tees you can count on Harper rocking hers when she arrives too. Jayme is a personal friend of mine, and seeing her company becoming “big time” makes me so damn happy!! Go. Go follow these babes on IG, peep their awesome tees, and put your kids in them. You can thank me later. - @kateandjames_shop

Coral And Cloud – $30 Shop Credit.

Miko is the owner of Coral And Cloud, and creative mama behind these gorgeous hand-painted necklaces and mobiles. Her modern, colorful, geometric necklaces are the perfect accessory for any mom or hip kid. If you’re not a jewelry fanatic, her mobiles are sure to win you over. How amazing is the pink & gold mobile pictured above?! You better bet that will be hanging in Harper’s nursery! Go follow her on IG - @coralandcloud

Sophie & Lili – Flip Doll.

You’re already swooning over these adorable Sophie & Lili dolls, aren’t you? I mean, c’mon, a princess that transforms into a slumber party doll?! These incredibly creative dolls can be played with, snuggled, and (hallelujah for us moms) WASHED! They make the perfect best friend for every little lady. Follow along on IG to see more - @sophieandlili

minimoc Mini Moc – $40 Shop Credit.

Amanda, the creative lady behind Mini Moc, popped up on my radar recently after being featured alongside one of my favorite brands, Vonbon. Her beautifully made and ethically sourced mocs come in a huge variety of colors and offer a micro-suede sole for a non-slip indoor/outdoor footwear. Amanda started Mini Moc using leather scraps leftover from her husbands handmade grooms gifts. She is also pregnant and expecting a boy or girl (it’s a surprise!) by the end of the year, so be sure to go say hi and congratulate her! (I chose robins egg, shown above, for Harper’s first pair of mocs.) @minimoc

Whistle & Flute – $25 Shop Credit.

Miranda, the wife behind this husband and wife duo, knows how to design and style kick-ass kids clothes…excuse my french, but they’re that good. She makes “Fine clothes for dapper families”. Her unisex kids and adult apparel can be seen all over the hip kids of Instagram, whom are admittedly her muse when looking for design inspiration. These cool parents used to be in an indie pop band called The Paper Cranes – like I said, their cool factor is off the charts! Go check them out, if you’re not already a follower. @whistleandflute

Pixel Paper Hearts – $35 Shop Credit.

If there was a rule on Instagram that only allowed you to follow one person, it would be @pixelpaperhearts for me. She is, hands down, my favorite. Charisse is so incredibly funny, kind, and talented. When I was looking for art for Harper’s nursery I immediately went to her shop…and when the print I was dying for didn’t perfectly match my color scheme, she had one custom made for me in the color I wanted. She is good people. Go check her out, buy her hilarious shirts and mugs, and grab some art for yourself and your kids. You will not be disappointed.

Little Big Dreamers – $20 Shop Credit.

Keri, the beautiful mama behind @littlebigdreamers is not only one of my blog sponsors, but also a really sweet friend. Camryn became one of her brand reps over the summer and she has been such an awesome supporter of me, my blog, and my social platforms ever since. I’m grateful to have met her, to have watched as her business flourished, and to be able to support her by rocking her designs all day everyday! The little tiny cutie above (with the sucker) belongs to her, and if you go follow her instagram you can get nearly daily doses of that beautiful face – need I say more?

Kid + Kind – “I have a lot of feelings” tee.

And then there was Jackie. Oh, Jackie, how I love you so. Kid + Kind was a relatively new brand to me, introduced through Jayme (of Kate & James), and a company that I really had to do some research into. Well friends, that snooping around was worthwhile because I discovered that this company is really special. On her website, under the about me section, Jackie describes her journey to create Kid + Kind. She mentions her wealth of knowledge of the industry, and desire to branch out on her own. She talks about the final push she needed to do that, and it’s so powerful and represents such a passion that I have to share. “It was the birth of my daughter that sparked my inherent need to make her world as fun, beautiful, and as inspiring as possible.” It was her baby. If that’s not something we can all understand, feel in our bones, and want to help support than I don’t know what is. She’s pretty in my books, and her designs are too! Go check her out - @kidandkind

House Of Mia – $25 Shop Credit.

If you’ve never heard of House of Mia then you’ve been living under a rock. This powerhouse of design is another mama after my own heart. HoM was started after the birth of her daughter Amelia (Mia), and her longtime passion to create. Made with 100% organic cotton, HoM offers leggings, knotted hats, and newborn essentials. They are staples in my house, and pair perfectly with pretty much everything. @house_of_mia

covered goods Covered Goods – Nursing Cover of winners choice.

@coveredgoods is a company that my friend Jenn introduced me to a few months ago after I announced that baby #2 was on her way. Have you ever been nursing in public, using a traditional cover, and had your baby pull it open or the wind blow it off? Oh, hey giant nipple!! Look, I’m all for public nursing, and I nursed Camryn for 18 months, but I know that on certain occasions I’d rather keep my lovely lady lumps under wrap. Creepy dude at Target, “eyes up here!”. Lady server at that expensive steakhouse, “Quit mean mugging me while my kid eats. I’m gonna tip. And yes, they’re real!” Y’all know what I mean?! All you gorgeous moms on IG posting your breastfeeding pics, I bow to you and your self confidence, and some days I am you…days that I’m not, I’ve got my Covered Goods nursing cover! Here’s why these are awesome, and a total must have: They cover front & back, so your squirmy kid can’t flash you. They aren’t ugly…we’ve all had the ugly nursing cover, amiright? They double as an infinity scarf or car seat cover, and they’re also super soft!

Sweet Kiddo Co – $25 Shop Credit.

Cherie is my homegirl! No, seriously, we share our home city Austin, TX! She makes gorgeous, vibrant, and modern leggings, skirts, and headbands. I absolutely love the statement these leggings make, and how easy they make dressing your babe. Grab a tee and some Mini Mocs and you’re out the door and looking oh-so-trendy! Go check her out on Instagram – give her a “hey y’all!” @sweetkiddoco

Little Sapling Toys – $20 Shop Credit.

This husband and wife team are doing so many things right! They started their business in 2008 and quickly became the top selling toy shop on Etsy. Say what?! They offer the classic wooden toys with a twist, using organic materials, and offering the largest selection of shapes. You can even have your toy customized – what an awesome gift! These do-gooders even plant a tree for every toy sold. I have my eye on about 30 of their toys…totally reasonable, no?! :-) @littlesaplingtoys

panda bandit

bandit print ADN Designs - Panda Bandit Print.

Anna, and “momma to the peej” as she fondly calls herself, is #1. The hottest mom, and #2. has one of the best Instagram feeds out there. I dare you to check out the hashtag #peejandme – it’s adorable overload of her ridiculously beautiful daughter and her, and it will melt even the coldest of hearts. She’s giving one lucky winner this rad “Panda Bandit” print that any kid would be stoked on. Camryn saw it while I was working on this post and nearly lost her $h!t. @adndesigns

Talia Handler Art – Custom Watercolor Portrait.

Where do I even begin with this beautiful lady? Talia and I connected early this year when she painted Camryn in her blue mustache, and have since become personal friends. Talia is so incredibly talented, and has the ability to turn a photo into a true work of art. I’ve since framed my crazy little mustache girl and smile everyday when I see her. This is one of the prizes that you will cherish for a lifetime, long after your little one has grown up, and outgrown everything. Go say Hi to Talia, and tell her what a babe she is. @taliahandlerart

Everly B – $35 Shop credit.

Another awesome shop started in honor of her kiddos. All of her awesome shirts are “mama designed” and her pants are “mama sewn”, which naturally means they’re made with tons of love! This Cali mom is really bringing it in the summer lovin’ department, and I’m seriously swooning over her trucker hat and striped onesie. She designs with comfort and function in mind, but with a trendy twist. She is ALSO 25 weeks pregnant, so again, give her some love and congrats! @everly_b

Are you still with me guys?! Phew!! What a group of ladies, and what a giveaway!! One of you is going to get really lucky…ready to find out how?

Head on over to my Instagram and follow me. You’ll find this photo:


Go ahead and “like” it, because it’d be rude not to ;-) and then follow all the shops listed (which are all the ladies you just read about). Once you’ve followed all the shops, repost this photo using the hashtag #MotherOfAllMothersGiveaway Here’s a tip – click that hashtag before re-posting the photo and when you go to type it later it will auto populate the hashtag for you (so you don’t screw it up and miss a letter or anything…trust me, I’ve learned that the hard way!) Be sure to also tag me @playdatesandpearls. You must have a public account for the duration of the contest. You can post daily for additional entries. The contest will run for one week, 8/25 – 9/1, and closes at midnight. I will announce the winner on 9/2.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

XO – Samantha

Rock that college fund!

The 4 little words that I say on a far too regular basis that my husband hates the most…”Rock that college fund!” It’s true, I’m addicted to toddler fashion. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. I take that back; I’ll have to stop, because my big lady is starting school next week and will be wearing a uniform every day to school. So in honor of going big or going home, I splurged on a few of the Duchess & Lion Co items that launched last week, and you better bet she’s been rocking that college fund this week!

DLco3 DLco4 DLco5 duchess and lion 2

Duchess and Lion I also snagged a few headscarves…as if we needed any more.

These items will be relaunching tomorrow if you want to snag some for your little. Do not hold me responsible for your angry husbands, or overdrawn bank accounts. :-)

For those of you who have asked – YES! All of these items, as well as Camryn’s entire wardrobe, will be sold in the coming months as Harper wears and outgrows them – I will announce the Instagram account for any of you interested.

XO – Samantha

Wrap it Up!

Let me reassure you, this post is not sponsored by Trojan. It is, on the other hand, all about my new favorite fashion accessory – the hair wrap.

Camryn & I have been rocking hair wraps the last few weeks on a daily basis. They turn our not-so-fab hair into “Hey girl, heyyyy!” hair. Our sweet friend Keri, the owner of Little Big Dreamers, sent us a few new hair wraps that have quickly become our go-to wraps. She also just launched her fall line of headbands, wraps, and clothing, including a very special wrap that she named after Harper called “Harper’s Beauty”. <3 Be still my heart.

Here are a few of the wraps that I think you’ll love as much as I do:

Kicking it off with my obvious favorite, Harper’s Beauty – this gorgeous wrap would look amazing adding a punch of color to a black & white outfit.

Who’s that cute girl?! :-) Here’s my biggest lady rocking her Stud Muffin wrap, and just being straight up adorable while chugging her hot chocolate. Girls got a soft spot for a starbucks hot chocolate.

This is the “I Love Lucy” wrap, and the one you’ll catch me wearing most often. It literally looks good with every single outfit, and is long enough to be double wrapped and then knotted (because mama doesn’t always need a bow to draw attention to myself). This is the wrap I wore in this photo.

Oh sweet Teagan…look at that pout! Meet Keri’s oldest daughter, and most beautiful little model. This little lady has a creative mind like her mama, and it always shows in her outfits, which she picks out herself. I’m way too OCD to let Camryn pick an entire outfit by herself, but I always think moms who do are so damn cool. Back to the wraps – this gorgeous wrap is called the Lily Grace, and it’s next on my must-have list. I love the retro, vintage-y feel is has, and I would pair it with an A-line black dress, knee high socks, and retro school shoes…just in case you were wondering. HA! Reasons why Camryn doesn’t pick her entire outfit herself…mamas got issues.

Last but not least, I bring you “Totes Tribal”. This wrap is perfect for all of you ladies who are looking to rock the wrap without looking like a 5 year old. This wrap would look so chic with a top knot!

All of the featured wraps are just $12-14. What are you waiting for?!

While you’re visiting her shop, be sure to check out the “Cray Cray” tees (a mom staple), the headband section (you might spy a few pics of yours truly), and the “create your own” section if you’re feeling adventurous and think you can cut it as a designer yourself! If you create your own, and you don’t use the amazing black & white panda face fabric, then we can’t be friends anymore – pre-warning. ;-)

Oh, and sorry about the whole “I might have 2 posts up tomorrow” posted Thursday. If you showed up on Friday, there was nothing to greet you but the sound of crickets…OOPS! I may or may not have forgotten it was my husbands dirty 30 on Friday. I know, wife of the year. On the bright side, that just means more good posts coming your way THIS week.

XO – Samantha

Let’s go to the beach…

pool bag.jpg …and by beach, I really mean the pool!

Anytime I leave the house, especially with Camryn in tow, I have to make sure I have all the essentials. The pool is no exception. With that said, I also don’t want to be hauling around a million products that I don’t need, because a wet toddler is already a handful enough! Here are my must-have pool/beach bag items. Lets start with the most obvious – a good pool bag. I got mine last year from Barnes & Nobles for $10 with the purchase of a book. It’s large, easy to clean, and came with a palm tree keychain that was Camryn’s jam for weeks. *Winning* I always pack a sun hat, water (add cucumbers to stay hydrated and reduce swelling), and a good book or trashy magazine. My mom and I have both been wanting to read The Fault In Our Stars, so I bought it yesterday for her to read while she’s visiting, and then I’ll read it after she finishes.


1. Camryn has fair skin, and I’m trying to not look old yet, so a good sunscreen is a must. I bought the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ spf UVA/UVB oil in Paris last fall, and instantly fell in love with it. It’s geared towards sensitive skin, or people with a sun allergy. It claims to prevent sun spots, especially in pregnancy, and is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. I feel extremely safe putting this on Camryn’s skin, as well as my own pregnant belly. It feels incredibly hydrating, and has prevented sunburn even in the 100 degree texas weather. It’s unfortunately not sold in the U.S. but can be bought through Boots and shipped internationally.

2. Supergoop facial serum is one of the only daily sunscreens that I can use without noticing a build-up of oil and acne. It’s lightweight, less fragrant than other facial SPF’s, and hydrates my skin while fighting discoloration in my skin. I use this everyday before applying my makeup, and apply it multiple times while hanging out at the pool.


3. My beloved wet brush. I couldn’t live without this brush. I have extremely thick, long, and curly hair that tangles if you look at it the wrong way. A day in the pool or at the beach does serious damage to my hair, and I’d be helpless without my wet brush. It’s less than $10, and it does the job of an army on my tangled tresses. Every lady should own one. Enough said.

4. A hair mask – really any good hair mask will work, this is just what I’m trying to use up. It’s a great product, and I especially like the DermOrganics argan oil, but it’s not one that I’m saying will change your life. If you have long hair, or color treated hair, do yourself a favor and pack a deep conditioner. Your hair will thank you.poolbag2.jpg

Last but not least, a cute headband and hair tie to keep your moisturized hair off your face, and a pair of sunnies. My black & white striped headband is from Little Big Dreamers (and is actually Camryn’s, but dangit it looks cute on me!), and my sunglasses are from House of Harlow (no longer available). I love taking these in my beach bag because they don’t press down on my cheeks like some sunnies do. I hate when sunglasses touch my cheeks and get makeup or sunscreen all over them, and leave red lines on my cheeks. Camryn loves these glasses too, and has been seen sporting them here, and here. :-)

What do you keep in your beach bag? Tomorrow I’ll share my beach bag “beauty essentials” that take me from sweaty beach bum to bronzed babe in minutes.

My mom is flying in today, and will be staying with me for 10 days, so I won’t be posting on Thursday, but you can catch me back on Friday. Side note: Moms are the best, aren’t they? I called her a few months ago, right after getting pregnant, in full-blown panic mode stressing over my house being cluttered, and needing to purge before baby #2 arrives…she booked a flight that week and is coming to be super-mom and help me organize and have a garage sale to get rid of things we don’t need before bringing in new furniture and baby stuff. Best. Mom. Ever. She is also the queen of laundry, so I may have stopped washing all my clothes last week in anticipation of her arrival. ;-) Outside of making her do days and days of hard labor (like painting Camryn’s room, and the nursery) we’ll also be enjoying a few pool days, ballet classes, pedicures, and movie dates.

XO – Samantha

J Crew Factory Sale

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.15.40 PM

J. Crew Factory is having a major sale that you do not want to miss! 50% off all women & mens styles, and 40% off girls & boys. It’s good friends, and the really, really good stuff is going quick! Sale ends on 5/26, and no coupon code is required.

Here are a few of my favorites:

For Tiny Ladies…

I would also wear any of the above if it came in my size! ;-)

And for the not-so-tiny-ladies…

Pineapples are so on trend lately, and this swim cover-up is an inexpensive way to try out this popular fashion statement without having buyers remorse later.

Happy shopping!

XO – Samantha

Sea Me Twirl

Hi ladies & happy hump day! The weather in Austin has been getting warmer and warmer, and Camryn and I have been spending almost all our time outside this week. Yesterday we played on our upstairs balcony, shared cakepops, and splashed in her water table until we needed baths.

cake pop

sea me twirl Our sweet friends over at Taylor Joelle have their newest line “Sea Me Twirl” launching today, and I wanted to show you the darling bloomers/shorts they sent to Camryn. She wore them all day and couldn’t stop twirling around and calling them her ballerina shorts. She thoroughly enjoyed jumping in them too and watching the frilly bottoms. It’s the little things that count.



I styled two outfits to show you options for these darling shorts. A simple white t-shirt with lace detail around the sleeves, a pink scarf, and frosted rose Freshly Picked Moccs for the first outfit. A black unitard from Target, black gladiators (also Target), and her feather infinity cowl from Vonbon for the second outfit.


seametwirl7 You always know as a mom that trouble is on it’s way when the shoes come off…

seametwirl9edit.jpg Jumping on the furniture…like I said, trouble. ;-)

These are the perfect “girly girl” shorts, and are especially great for girls on the move. Nothing’s worse than when Camryn’s trying to play with the boys and her panties show. Boys can’t help themselves; they’ll always shout “I can see her underwear!” for everyone to hear.

The material is a soft, thick, cotton, and the gray and white combo pairs well with tons of tops.

You can view the entire Taylor Joelle “Sea Me Twirl” collection here. The entire Sea Me Twirl collection is 30% off for one week, as well as other Taylor Joelle favorites. This sweet little mint skirt might just be my favorite.

If you haven’t already entered to win a pair of moccs, go now!

XO – Samantha

Freshly Picked Moccs {GIVEAWAY}

What a wonderful weekend I had! My sweet friend Heather said “I do”, and threw the most beautiful wedding on Saturday, and on Sunday my husband and I went for brunch and then played outside all day with Camryn. I wish weekends were 5 days long, and work weeks were just 2. I never have enough days home with my growing little family.

To kick off the always dreadful Monday, I’m bringing you guys an extra special giveaway thanks to my friends over at Freshly Picked. If you know me and my tiny lady, then you know how deep our love affair with FP moccs runs. We’re borderline obsessed with these thick, durable, and eye-catching shoes. Not only can Camryn wear them everywhere, she can also put them on and off herself (which is a game-changer for a toddler), and can wear them without ever complaining that her feet hurt or are getting blisters from rubbing, unlike many other toddler shoes. My favorite thing about all of Camryn’s moccs is her little footprint that has been worn into the soles. They are sweet little reminders of all the fun things we’ve done together while she was growing up in each pair, and they’re something I’ll definitely be keeping to reminisce over in the future. If you’re not as nostalgic as me, FP moccs are durable enough to be passed down to siblings.

Freshly Picked offers a huge variety of colors to pair with any outfit, boy or girl, and is releasing the most amazing new neons for spring/summer. Here are a few pictures of Camryn rocking a few of our favorite moccs:

One lucky Playdates + Pearls reader is going to win a pair of these gorgeous moccs in any size and color of their choice. YOU could be that lucky winner! Enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

XO – Samantha

Maxi Dress Obsessed


Now that spring has sprung, and the temperatures are beginning to rise, I’m in maxi-dress-love. They are perfect paired with a jean jacket, sweater, scarf, heels, or flats. They’re almost fool-proof, and a staple in my wardrobe. Here are a few of the dresses I’ve recently snagged, or am lusting over.

Rachel Pally Anya Maxi

I bought this for our family photos in May, and I’m literally in love with it. It’s so well fitted, and flows beautifully, and I know I’ll get tons of use out of this neutral dress all spring, summer, and fall. I can’t wait to pair it with a jean jacket and sandals.

MinkPink Watercolor Tiles Maxi

I’m loving the vibrant colors and cut of this dress. The delicate pleating around the waist creates a flowing movement, and the flared hem creates a more hourglass look to your figure.

H&M Black & White Maxi (Only 29.95) - This would look amazing with a brown bow belt and brown gladiators.

F21 Femme Flounce Floral Maxi - Under $25 – This dress should be illegal it’s so beautiful & cheap!

F21 Hollywood Regent Maxi

F21 Rose Cutout Maxi (also available in black floral) – The back of this dress is gorgeous!! Under $23…DUH I’m buying it.

F21 Caged Cami Maxi

I love the sheer skirt, and the leg slits. Perfect dress to show off a cute pair of sandals and tanned legs. Here’s a less expensive alternative to my Rachel Pally dress above.

I’m also obsessing over maxi skirts, but we’ll have to cover those another day. ;-)

XO – Samantha

Goodbye Winter Feet…

Hello Lovelies!

This might be a little awkward. I don’t usually talk about my feet with my friends, and frankly, they’d probably stop being my friends if I did…But, spring and summer are upon us, and I know I’m not the only one who needs a little tootsie TLC. I live in my sandals, almost year round, and i’ve discovered a few tricks that really help keep my feet looking their best.

Here are a few of the things my feet can’t live without during flip-flop season:

flexitol Flexitol Foot Balm

This foot cream doesn’t smell like perfume and doesn’t come in a fancy bottle that you’ll want to display on your vanity, but this stuff works! I’ve tried more expensive foot creams than I care to admit, and this is my hands down favorite. (I also love using aquaphor.) I slather this on my feet every night before bed and it keeps my feet soft and callus free.

leopard socks

I’m also obsessed with wearing gel heel socks overnight (I apply moisturizer first, then heel socks). Any brand will do, I’m sure, but this leopard pair is obviously sexier…or not?!

I keep a foot rasp in the shower and exfoliate any dead skin away once a week. I like to slather my feet in soap first, and then use the rasp, versus using it on wet (non-soapy) feet.

Speaking of flip-flop season, I bought these gladiator sandals on sale at Target a few weeks ago and I’m in love with them!

I’m also stalking these, and praying they go on a 90% off clearance sale. A girl can dream. ;-) I might snag these instead.

Oh, and currently on my toes – Essie’s Style Hunter. I just picked up Spin the Bottle and can’t wait to try it. I’ll Instagram a pic sometime this week.

Hope you’re all having a great week.

XO – Samantha

Tres Bien {Collaboration}

stylish moms collab copy

My sweet friend Bethann, of BethAnimalPrint, reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in a “Stylish Moms” fashion collaboration. My obvious answer was “Duh!”

The shirt we chose to style was the “BIEN” screenprint scoopneck tee, which is sadly no longer available. You can find something similar (and under $8 – say what?!) here. The goal was to style an outfit that can take you from play dates with the littles to brunching with your girlfriends. No mini skirts that will flash the goods when you bend over to tie a tiny shoe, or heels that could break an ankle if you tried chasing after your rugrat.

I decided to stick with my usual “mom uniform” and paired my shirt with skinny jeans from H&M, brown leather bow belt, ballet flats, and my Michael Kors white boyfriend blazer (no longer available – similar & similar). You can recreate this entire look for under $90.




If you’re a mom, you understand the annoyance with shirts that droop open and flash your boobs to everyone when you bend down to pick up your little. Here’s the trick: use your sunglasses! I hook my sunnies to my shirt and push the end of the frame under the center of my bra. It keeps your shirt from hanging open if you lean forward. ;-) Is that a tip, or just a weird fact about me?! nojacket


We spent a family day down at our dock, and then went for lunch and ice cream. Family dates are the best, aren’t they?



This last picture has nothing to do with my outfit, I just love it because Camryn was holding my hand and being so stinkin’ sweet.

Click the links below to check out all the other stylish mamas, and see how they wore their Bien shirt!


Blushing Basics

Lou What Wear

XO – Samantha


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