Let’s go to the beach…

pool bag.jpg …and by beach, I really mean the pool!

Anytime I leave the house, especially with Camryn in tow, I have to make sure I have all the essentials. The pool is no exception. With that said, I also don’t want to be hauling around a million products that I don’t need, because a wet toddler is already a handful enough! Here are my must-have pool/beach bag items. Lets start with the most obvious – a good pool bag. I got mine last year from Barnes & Nobles for $10 with the purchase of a book. It’s large, easy to clean, and came with a palm tree keychain that was Camryn’s jam for weeks. *Winning* I always pack a sun hat, water (add cucumbers to stay hydrated and reduce swelling), and a good book or trashy magazine. My mom and I have both been wanting to read The Fault In Our Stars, so I bought it yesterday for her to read while she’s visiting, and then I’ll read it after she finishes.


1. Camryn has fair skin, and I’m trying to not look old yet, so a good sunscreen is a must. I bought the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ spf UVA/UVB oil in Paris last fall, and instantly fell in love with it. It’s geared towards sensitive skin, or people with a sun allergy. It claims to prevent sun spots, especially in pregnancy, and is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. I feel extremely safe putting this on Camryn’s skin, as well as my own pregnant belly. It feels incredibly hydrating, and has prevented sunburn even in the 100 degree texas weather. It’s unfortunately not sold in the U.S. but can be bought through Boots and shipped internationally.

2. Supergoop facial serum is one of the only daily sunscreens that I can use without noticing a build-up of oil and acne. It’s lightweight, less fragrant than other facial SPF’s, and hydrates my skin while fighting discoloration in my skin. I use this everyday before applying my makeup, and apply it multiple times while hanging out at the pool.


3. My beloved wet brush. I couldn’t live without this brush. I have extremely thick, long, and curly hair that tangles if you look at it the wrong way. A day in the pool or at the beach does serious damage to my hair, and I’d be helpless without my wet brush. It’s less than $10, and it does the job of an army on my tangled tresses. Every lady should own one. Enough said.

4. A hair mask – really any good hair mask will work, this is just what I’m trying to use up. It’s a great product, and I especially like the DermOrganics argan oil, but it’s not one that I’m saying will change your life. If you have long hair, or color treated hair, do yourself a favor and pack a deep conditioner. Your hair will thank you.poolbag2.jpg

Last but not least, a cute headband and hair tie to keep your moisturized hair off your face, and a pair of sunnies. My black & white striped headband is from Little Big Dreamers (and is actually Camryn’s, but dangit it looks cute on me!), and my sunglasses are from House of Harlow (no longer available). I love taking these in my beach bag because they don’t press down on my cheeks like some sunnies do. I hate when sunglasses touch my cheeks and get makeup or sunscreen all over them, and leave red lines on my cheeks. Camryn loves these glasses too, and has been seen sporting them here, and here. :-)

What do you keep in your beach bag? Tomorrow I’ll share my beach bag “beauty essentials” that take me from sweaty beach bum to bronzed babe in minutes.

My mom is flying in today, and will be staying with me for 10 days, so I won’t be posting on Thursday, but you can catch me back on Friday. Side note: Moms are the best, aren’t they? I called her a few months ago, right after getting pregnant, in full-blown panic mode stressing over my house being cluttered, and needing to purge before baby #2 arrives…she booked a flight that week and is coming to be super-mom and help me organize and have a garage sale to get rid of things we don’t need before bringing in new furniture and baby stuff. Best. Mom. Ever. She is also the queen of laundry, so I may have stopped washing all my clothes last week in anticipation of her arrival. ;-) Outside of making her do days and days of hard labor (like painting Camryn’s room, and the nursery) we’ll also be enjoying a few pool days, ballet classes, pedicures, and movie dates.

XO – Samantha

It’s a GIRL!!

We went to see our OB yesterday, and finally found out who’s been torturing me for the last 16 weeks…

ItsAGirl SURPRISE – It’s another tiny LADY!!

Camryn is thrilled, and can’t wait for her little sister to arrive. She’s known all along it was a girl, even when I was sure it must be a boy. She asked yesterday in the car, on our way to the doctors, “are we going to see baby —— on the doctors TV again today?” (I’ll share her name soon) Sister intuition, I guess. :-)

I haven’t shared many bump pics lately, and this is unfortunately the only one I have for you… *Pre warning!! I’m half naked!! Be afraid!!*

pregnant16weeks Please excuse the excessive amount of skin. We’ve been living in the pool lately, it’s just too hot here!

Week 16 started yesterday, and I’m still sick. This little lady is stubborn. There’s an old wives tale that says if you’re sick during pregnancy, baby will have lots of hair. Please let that be true!!! Camryn was bald till her 2nd birthday, poor kid.

Stay tuned for tomorrows “What’s In My Pool Bag” post. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite summer must-have items, and some beauty products that help take you from sweaty beach-bum, to bronzed-babe in minutes.

XO – Samantha

Kiehls Haul



I have had my eyes on a the Midnight Recovery line by Kiehl’s for months, and was lucky enough to come across a Kiehl’s store in the Boston airport over Mothers Day weekend and snagged both the eye “serum” (which is the consistency of a cream) as well as the face serum. I was in need of a new overnight eye cream that packed a moisture-punch, and had heard nothing but rave reviews about the creamy eye treatment with avocado, so of course I picked one of those up too. When in rome, am I right ladies? Plus, it was Mothers Day weekend, so it’s not like my husband was saying no. ;-)

I’ve talked about my skin a few times in the past, but let me tell you a bit more about my pregnancy skin…it’s hell, in a nutshell. My skin becomes even more dehydrated than usual, and I get acne like a pizza eating 14 year old boy going through puberty. I get, what is so fondly called, the pregnancy mask. Basically that means I get dark, and often red, discoloration/patches all over my skin. It’s kind of like when you go on a long flight and find that for about a week afterwards your skin is super dry from the recycled airplane air, but then it also breaks out…win-win! Oh, and BONUS, I can’t use topical acne treatments or washes. My best friend these days is my clarisonic, and a few masks and products that I’ll go into more detail about another time.

In the last few years (pretty much when I had my daughter) I started noticing fine lines and dark circles around my under eye area, specifically near my tear duct, causing my concealer to crease. I had been testing a million and one products that claim to reduce fine lines, and prevent further aging, but few have been worth repurchasing. Then my sweet friend Bethann (who is such a babe, so I’d use anything she does) told me she used the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream and was seeing results, and I was onboard immediately. Both the midnight recovery products have been amazing, and definitely worth repurchasing in the future. The combination of the M.R. eye cream + the creamy avocado eye cream have completely rehydrated my under eye area and plumped the skin, reducing the visible signs of aging. I noticed a change in the texture of my under eye area after just a few days, and really saw a decrease in my concealer creasing, and dark circles after a few weeks. I use the avocado eye cream day and night, but I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone, especially if you have oily skin as it is very rich and creamy.

The M.R. facial serum has the best spa-like smell, and the oil absorbs into my skin almost instantly without leaving an oily residue. What I love most about this serum is that it has dramatically reduces the time that acne and post-acne blemishes/scars linger. It’s also helping to even out the red and dark patchy areas on my face from my crazy raging hormones. I use this immediately after cleansing my face in the evening using my clarisonic, and if my skin feels like it could use even more moisture I’ll apply a night cream over the top after the serum soaks in.

Quality skincare is always an investment, but I feel like all 3 products have lived up to what they claim to do, and will last me quite a long time.

Have any of you tried these products? Are there other Kiehl’s products that you recommend?

XO – Samantha

Blog Tour

I started Playdates + Pearls 9 months ago as an outlet from my day-to-day “mom life” after having been a reader of blogs for years. I had been following ladies that had similar interests in fashion, beauty, and design and I wanted to join them in creating a little space in the blogosphere that was my own. I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and put myself into an unknown, and at times uncomfortable, situation and I’m so glad that I did. In the short time since creating P+P I’ve met so many amazing ladies, and had the opportunity to work with some incredible small businesses and other blogs. I always say that my little corner of the internet is such a happy place, where I feel supported and respected, and where I hope my readers find joy when visiting. Getting to “girl talk” with all of you makes me feel sane on days when I’ve been chasing a naked toddler around all day, while still in my pajamas at 4pm, with cheerios in my hair.

My favorite blogger (and real life BFF) is Rene of My Simple Kitchen. She started her food blog just a short time after I started blogging, and we’ve been so lucky to go through this experience together. She is the most genuine, kind, and thoughtful person I know…she’s also a ridiculously good cook!! She lets me send her ideas, or recipe-less photos from pinterest and then she’ll create a recipe for me. I asked for coconut brownies, and she came up with these Mound Brownies that are like heaven to the tenth power times chocolate. Ya know what I mean?! :-) She tagged me to be apart of this “blog tour” with her, and answer some questions as well as share a few of my favorite bloggers with you, so here goes!

1. What am I working on?

I am taking a small hiatus from working on anything too ambitious because I’ve been pre-occupied with growing a tiny human. I am entering my second trimester and looking forward to tackling projects like designing a nursery, changing my office/theater into a gym, and generally feeling more like myself again. I’ve been feeling so exhausted and sick the last couple months, and blogging has taken a backseat during that time, so getting back to blogging will be a bright spot for me.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre? & 3. Why do I write what I do?

Nobody is living my life except me, so I have an advantage here… ;-) but I think my blog is constantly evolving with my taste and esthetic, and my readers are constantly being introduced to new products when I’m discovering them. I never sit down and start a post thinking “How can I be different from other beauty/fashion/design blogs?” I just write about what I’m enjoying at that moment in my life, and what I would want to read about if I was on the other side of the computer screen. What new space in my home is getting re-decorated? What am I using on my face that’s making a difference lately? What would I be telling my girlfriends about on a sunday over brunch? That’s what I’m sharing with y’all. If my kid says something funny, you’ll probably hear about it. If I buy a new handbag and it’s the bomb, you’ll definitely know.

4. How does your writing process work?

I typically sit down in the evenings, after my tiny lady is in bed for the night, with a cup of tea and a snack (aka dessert) and just write about whatever is relevant. If I’ve been working on a DIY then I’ll share some photos and the process for any of you that might want to tackle a similar project. If I’ve bought new products that are worth mentioning, I will. I share my weekend happenings, mine and Camryn’s fashion as of late, and any new home decor that I think you might like seeing. My life is constantly moving, sometimes in a thousand different directions, so I share bits and pieces of that with you.

Here are 3 of the blogs I love reading, and think you’ll also enjoy!

Bethann of BethAnimalPrint is my go-to fashion friend. She has impeccable style, and I love her effortless ability to mix high and low, and play with pattern. She takes beautiful photos of her outfits, which makes replicating them a breeze, and always shares where she found her favorite steals or splurges. I’m always finding new must-have items through her blog, and source tons and tons of inspiration from her. She and I met through Lucky Magazine, and have worked together styling an outfit with a few other gorgeous ladies, as well as hosting a fun giveaway.

Biana of BLovedBoston is a friend I mention time and time again. She is such a sweetheart, and writes about products that I’m interested in reading about. She is one of the nicest people I’ve met since starting my blog, and I feel like she’s a friend who genuinely cares about my success as a blogger. She cheers me on, and is always willing to join in on a giveaway, or fun collaboration. She writes about all things fashion and beauty, as well as life as a (kinda) newlywed.

I’ve been reading Shelley’s blog for over 2 years now, and Crazy Wonderful is one of my favorites for interior design and easy DIY projects. Her family recently moved into their new home that was being custom built for them, and it’s amazing!! Her kitchen makes me drool, and her black & white interior design is always swoon worthy. I love seeing before and after pictures of all her little projects, and am always so impressed with her eye for detail. If you love interior decor as much as I do, and budget-friendly DIY’s are your jam, she’s your girl.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun post! I tag all of you – share your blogger journey, and share a few of the blogs you enjoy reading. Thank you again to Rene for including me in this blog tour!

XO – Samantha

Pregnancy Update – First Trimester


It’s true, my eggo is preggo. If you’re new to my little corner of the internet (Hello, welcome all you beautiful new faces!) then this news might be a surprise to you…although I doubt it with all the complaining I’ve done. Sorry ’bout that. Even though I’m now in my 2nd trimester, the joys of first trimester don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. *excuse me while I go throw up…again!*

I mentioned on Tuesday that I had not one, but two OB appointments this week, and I’m happy to report that baby is still onboard and healthy as can be! You’re probably wondering why I had two OB appointments…In a nutshell, my body hates me. I have two autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and sjogren’s. Both are fairly easy to manage, but in pregnancy sjogren’s can cause problems with the baby’s heart, so I get to see a high-risk OB for extra monitoring. Baby is doing great, and his/her heart looks and sounds beautiful at this stage. We’ll do an EKG at 20ish weeks as an additional precaution, but we’re optimistic that all is well. Camryn, my BIG 3 year old *tear*, never had any issues with her heart in utero, if you’re wondering.

We were lucky enough to score some great pictures of baby at my appointment, including the profile view above. We have guesses from one OB about gender, but won’t get confirmation until June 16th. We also got a face view of baby, but it still looks like an alien, so I’ll be sure to share more photos when it gets a little cuter. ;-)

I’ve managed to gain almost 5lbs despite my constant nausea (seriously, wth?) and my belly has officially outgrown my pre-preggo jeans. I’ve been relying on maxi dresses and skirts on the regular, as well as my bella-bands for days that I feel like attempting to still wear my pre-preggo shorts. I’m feeling quite comfortable in my current wardrobe, and will share some of my first trimester fashion with you soon. I’ve been making my husband snap pics of my outfits often, so I’ll share a compilation of those with you soon. I’ve definitely discovered a few must-have items, like these comfy pajamas, everyday maxi dresses, and lots more!

No end in sight for this dreadful nausea, but I’ve been getting to facetime with my very new and adorable nephew lately, and he is a good reminder that it will all be worth it in the end!! For any of you fellow moms-to-be, I did start a B6 regimen of 25mg morning & night, as well as 12.5mg of unisom at bedtime, and it does seem to help. It takes the edge off enough that I’m not throwing up multiple times a day, which is worth mentioning, if you know how awful morning sickness can be.

I hope I answered the questions that many of you have been asking me lately, and feel free to leave any other questions for me in the comments, as well as your gender guesses!

XO – Samantha

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby!

Hanna Mac Photography Oh, Camryn. Where to start, sweet little lady… Daddy & I can’t believe we’re celebrating your third birthday today! 3 years came and went even faster than they warn you it will. I can remember the day you were born so vividly. Around 10am I was getting ready for the day, and I walked out into the living room and told Daddy “I think we’re having a baby today”. I was 7 days early, so he didn’t put much weight into my Mommy intuition. 30 minutes later I felt a little dribble, and got a little nervous…I honestly thought I may have peed my pants…you were like a mini-fridge on my bladder, anything was possible. But no, it was my water breaking, and just 8 short hours later, and what felt like the easiest labor ever, I held you in my arms. You were bald, had a squishy little face, weighed 7.6lbs, and were the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. I don’t remember what your Dad looked like 10 years ago when he fell in love with me, but I’ll never forget the look on his face when he fell in love with you for the first time. I’ve watched him fall in love with you about a million times since.

Hanna Mac Photography You, my big lady, are the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. When you sneak into my room in the morning and giggle through the crack in my door until I wake up, and when you ask me to lay with you “for one minute” and “sing me sunshine” before bed…When you make me carry you up the stairs screaming “Hide me from the Daddy monster!” as Daddy races behind us, tickling your feet the entire way…When you laugh until you snort, just like I do…those are the best moments of my day.

Hanna Mac Photography 3 years ago today, you lit my world on fire, and I can’t imagine a world without you in it. Your high pitched belly laugh, open-bite smile, big hazel eyes, and sweet snuggles; everything you are is beautiful. I’m so in love with being your Mommy!


I wrote Camryn a poem when she turned 9 months old as a reflection of the 9 months she spent in my belly compared to the 9 months after, and I teared up reading it and decided to share with all of you…

Nine Months

As I stared down at my belly
Unable to see my feet from above
My mind raced with parenting fears
But my heart raced equally with love

Waiting on you was taking forever
And all my clothes were getting tighter
Daddy was afraid I might eat him
As my belly grew wider and wider

Who would my tiny human be?
Would I wrap you in pink or blue?
Our doc said “Your boy’s missing parts”
And in that moment I knew….

Your clothes would all be frilly
And I would adorn you with ribbons and bows
Everything in shades of pink
From your head to tiny toes

I began dreaming of what you would look like
And who you would grow up to be
Would you be smart and kind like Daddy?
Or playful and funny like me?

We bought all the baby items
There wasn’t a toy we lacked
We were awaiting your arrival
And our hospital bags were packed

I was so eager to see your precious face
I prayed the time would fly
I walked, and lunged, and ate spicy food
But still slowly the minutes ticked by

Finally the day had come
I had to push the extra mile
But it was worth the wait, pain, and tears
When Daddy saw you and he filled with smiles

You were absolutely perfect
We couldn’t ask for anything more
Our love for you was overwhelming
And shook us to our core

Nine months had felt like eternity
Waiting on you, little one
But now you’re here, and it’s like they say
“Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Month one with you was such a blur
Being parents was so new
But we smiled and faked it
And luckily, you survived to see month two

By month three we were pros
We even took you on a plane
Up to Washington we flew
And for the first time, you saw rain

I searched high & low during month four
For a costume for your first Halloween
I ordered a custom piggy hat and bloomers
That showed your baby belly in between

When you were five months old we visited Hey Cupcake!
And you fought Aunt Reese & I for some frosting
I caved and shared my carrot cake
Because “keep-away-from-Camryn” was too exhausting

Month six we celebrated your first Christmas
Watching you open your gifts made Mommy shed a tear
Days later, 44 floors above the Austin skyline
Daddy and I rang in the New Year

By month seven you’d been to Seattle and Napa
So you were ready to hit the City of Sin
Daddy & I lost your college fund gambling
But enjoyed our first baby-free date thanks to Aunt Molly & Uncle Bren

Month 8 I realized you were no longer a baby
Who was content sitting still and being sang the ABC’s
You’re a big girl who wants to stand and crawl
And run from Mommy on your chunky knees

I’ve asked, but you refuse to stop growing
And I don’t know what month nine has in store
But whatever it is, I can promise you one thing
I’ll continue to love you more, and more, and more

Nine months of pregnancy passed like molasses
but the past nine months passed in a whirl
I’m so grateful to be your Mommy

Happy 3rd Birthday to you, my most beautiful girl!

XO – Mommy


Weekending Link-up

Hello friends!!

My husband was out of town for most of the week, and we were weaning Camryn from her pacifier, so I’m sorry I missed you all for a few days. I can never get on here and say “sorry, husbands out of town and everything’s going to sh*t”, but anytime you’re missing me here, you can come find me on Instagram. A picture is worth a thousand words right? :-)

Today I’m linking up with my sweet friend Biana from BLovedBoston, and sharing some of my weekend fun.

One of my favorite dine-out meals is going for hibachi. The only hibachi restaurant is an hour from my house and my husband always complains about taking me, but you can’t deny a pregnant lady a good meal, so we went! *happy dance* This is also one of Camryn’s favorite meals, and she L-O-V-E-S when the chef throws shrimp to her. She also loves to steal my soup. While we were at lunch we got news that our nephew was born!!! My poor sister-in-law had been in labor the entire night before, and we had been anxiously awaiting news that he was finally here. They kept his name under lock & key until after his birth – Luke Robert – such a fun surprise. He has the sweetest little face, and I will share a picture as soon as Mommy & Daddy give me the ok. I’m so excited to finally be an auntie, and the month wait before I fly out to see him will feel more like a year!
After lunch we spent Saturday afternoon downtown playing putt putt golf, and had way too much fun! Camryn learned how to hold her putter, and would hit the ball, then run to the end, pick up her ball, and put it in the hole. Needless to say, her “hole in one” tactic helped her whoop us.
Then we made our way to South Congress for some vintage shopping with Auntie, and we beat the 90+ degree heat with some ice cream at the Big Top Candy Shop.
On Sunday we relaxed by the pool, stopped by trader joes and stocked up on salads for the week, and may or may not have found the gourmet popcorn section…oops! So much for salads.
I’m entering my 14th week today, and visiting both my OB’s. Hopefully this “morning sickness” starts to fade soon, because I’m starting to think this baby hates me and enjoys making me miserable. Despite all the nausea, my bump is growing, quickly! Do you think I can sweet talk one of the sonographers into peeking between baby’s legs and guessing the gender?!
preggo I hope you all had a great weekend! Be sure to click on the link-up button above to check out what some of my favorite bloggers got up to this weekend as well.
Oh, and did I mention my tiny lady turns THREE tomorrow? I can’t even talk about it yet; I just want to cry. More on her tomorrow.
XO – Samantha

Memorial Weekend Recap

Welcome back to the real world friends. How amazing were the last 3 days? Don’t you think we’d live in a happier world if every weekend was 3 days long? My weekend was the uber uneventful kind, where you do absolutely nothing but lounge around the house and do chores…and by “do chores”, I mean be preggo and relax while watching my husband be super-mom for the weekend. He’s seriously the greatest.

While relaxing, I was wearing my favorite new jammies, and yes, they are noteworthy. These Target pajamas are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I talked myself out of going places this weekend just so I didn’t have to change out of these. I’ll be adding every other color of these to my collection ASAP, especially for only $14.99. It doesn’t hurt that my husband says they make my butt look nice. ;-)

I finally got brave and took away my daughters pacifier. EEK! We’ve been building up to this moment for months, and the timing just never felt right, but I finally bit the bullet and the “paci fairy” came to take them away to the new babies at the hospitals who need them more than Camryn does. In a nutshell, it’s been hell. She cried for hours. Our neighbors probably think I’m an abusive parent after hearing her wailing. She kept saying “I don’t want to be a big lady! I want to stay a baby!”, and “The paci fairy is mean. I can’t like her!”. Yes folks, “I CAN’T like her”…not I don’t, but I CANT. She’s not dramatic at all. Bedtime has become a hot mess, and I told my husband we need to rub the pacifiers in raw chicken, and then throw them away wrapped in dirty diapers so that there’s no turning back in a moment of desperation.

We had a freak thunderstorm yesterday, so naturally my husband cooked up My Simple Kitchen’s crockpot chili recipe and we hibernated and watched World War Z and How to Train Your Dragon. Seriously y’all, such good movies! I swear I didn’t breathe the entire time we watched WWZ, it’s so intense, and HTTYD is Camryn’s jam. The sequel comes out in June and she is stoked to go see it (my husband and I are admittedly as excited.)

Nothing too exciting over here. I hope you all had great, relaxing weekends as well!

XO – Samantha

Friday Links 5/22

Oh Friday, how I love you. Especially the friday before a long weekend. Does it get any better?

I have been sick, sick, sick, and slacking on this poor little blog. Still alive over here, just can’t seem to muster up enough energy at the end of the day to come put something up that doesn’t feel half-assed. I’ve managed to bookmark a few things I’ve been loving this week, so lets jump right in!

Lust List Image 1.|| With the heat increasing rapidly, I’ve been having to shave more and more frequently, and despite having a new and awesome razor (more on that later) I’m really contemplating having my hair removed. I came across the Tria, and I’m quite intrigued. Anyone tried this and have reviews for me? It’s pricey, but not when you compare it to in-office treatments. Plus, I would bet the convenience of having an at-home hair removal system is worth a pretty penny.

2.|| The packaging on this fragrance makes me say “oh hell yes”, but so does the scent. This will be added to my collection in the very near future.

3.|| L&L raved about this makeup, and y’all know I can’t help but want to try it.

4.|| I picked up this conditioner on a whim last week and I’ve been really loving it. It smells amazing, doesn’t weigh down my hair, and leaves my ends feeling moisturized. I’m interested in trying out other products from this line.

5.|| I love this fun nursery design. It’s so happy!

And last…

Hanna Mac Photography A sneaky peek at our family photos, taken by the amazing Hanna Mac Photography. Click that link if you want to see a few more of the fun pictures she took. She captured Camryn’s crazy toddler personality perfectly, spit bubbles, derp faces, and busy busy busy energy included. She has been photographing Camryn since birth, and will be taking the first pictures of our next baby in December. If you’re in the Austin – San Antonio area, she’s your girl. She also opened up her schedule for WEDDINGS!! She’s also on facebook, and posts the most beautiful photos of her sessions and her drop-dead-gorgeous daughters.

I’ll be linking up over at Meet @ The Barre, so come say hi and give Amanda some love.

Have a great long weekend friends!

XO – Samantha

J Crew Factory Sale

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.15.40 PM

J. Crew Factory is having a major sale that you do not want to miss! 50% off all women & mens styles, and 40% off girls & boys. It’s good friends, and the really, really good stuff is going quick! Sale ends on 5/26, and no coupon code is required.

Here are a few of my favorites:

For Tiny Ladies…

I would also wear any of the above if it came in my size! ;-)

And for the not-so-tiny-ladies…

Pineapples are so on trend lately, and this swim cover-up is an inexpensive way to try out this popular fashion statement without having buyers remorse later.

Happy shopping!

XO – Samantha


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