5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Bathroom


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The holidays are here and more than likely, people are going to be over at your place a lot more than usual. Whether they’re dropping by for a quick get together, party, or staying the night, your bathroom is going to be a frequent stop for them.

// pretty soap containers //
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Swapping out a your blah soap pump for a stylish one with a great scent is an easy way to make guests feel special.
// new hand towel //
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A fresh new hand towel is probably the easiest way to spruce up your bathroom. I especially love the turkish looking ones.
// fresh flowers //
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Get rid of the fake ones. Real is best here. You don’t have to do it all the time, but it’s a special touch when people are coming over.
// candle + matches //
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We all know what’s going on in there, so let’s make it a little more pleasant on the next person ;)
// toilet paper storage //
This may seem like a no brainer. But, if your TP is stored behind doors or out of sight, your guests aren’t going to want to go on a hunt for it when they run out. Make it easy on them and put some extras in plain sight. Baskets are perfect for this!
Now that you’ve got all the ingredients you need, go freshen that bath up! Your guests will thank you :)

DIY Curtain Trim

Welcome back!

First off, THANK YOU all for the incredibly kind comments, messages, texts, and calls about our pregnancy news. My heart nearly exploded. I’m so happy to have such a supportive, kind, and kickass group of followers. I say it all the time, but you’ve made my little corner of the internet such a joyful place for me. I’m looking forward to sharing my pregnancy journey with all of you. Right now, I’m bloated, tired, and craving caffeine. I could be used as a floatation device, and my husband and I are becoming more and more afraid of what two children will be like. HA! Get ready for more posts that sounds like that. If you’re a parent on 2+, please leave me regular comments reminding me that I’m not going to be outnumbered, and that two tiny terrorists are not going to deprive me of sleep and ask the words “why?” forever. Those are short term problems, right?

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. My husband came home after an entire week away and I was beyond exhausted and thrilled to have him watch Camryn while I napped. :-) It was my sisters birthday on Saturday and we spent some time lounging by her pool and enjoying the “Camryn Show”, aka my toddler running around in her bikini being oh-so-silly. Pictures of that are on my Instagram. Pre-warning: 2 year old in a bikini might be more cuteness than you can handle. You’ve been warned. On sunday I went to get a last minute mani/pedi with my sister and none of our usual places were open, so we tried a new place called Crystal’s (off N. Lamar if you’re in Austin). DO NOT GO THERE!! It was the worst mani/pedi I have EVER had. :-( My nail polish, 8 hours later, is still mushy and peeling off my nails. How is that even possible? I swear they added acetone to the polish too many times or something. I’ve never had to remove my polish and re-paint both hands and feet the same day as having them professionally done. Such a bummer.

In other news, I’ve finished my DIY drapes, and they look fabulous if you ask me.


drapescloseup.jpg Pretty great for a $35 PAIR of 118″ curtains from Ikea, $3 worth of ribbon, and $4 worth of fabric glue. If you want to recreate this look, lay out your drapes and glue your ribbon down 1″ from the edge. All it to dry overnight, and Viola! I used large coffee table books to hold my fabric flat and wrinkle free. Even my husband was impressed with this cheap DIY and what an impact it made. The drapes looks beautiful and expensive and at 118″, they add so much height to our hallway.

If you noticed my fun “Everyday I’m Hustlin’” phone cover, it’s from Mulberry Press Co. I get stopped in the street and asked by strangers about that awesome case.

In addition to finishing my curtains, I also found a drawer pull for my hallway console. Of course it’s from Anthropologie…that place is like crack. The word “no” is non-existent in there.

This knob looks so much better in person. It’s absolutely drawer pull perfection. Once I install it I’ll post a picture for you all.

Until then, have a happy Monday.

XO – Samantha

Hallway Nook / Foyer

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.32.46 PM

Good Morning! How was everyone’s weekend?

Last week felt very hectic, and I’m so sorry to have left you all hanging. I feel much less chaotic after a nice relaxing weekend, and I’ve got some good stuff for you this week.

Today I’m bringing you yet another design board. My husband and I have always used our back door (coming in from the garage) as our main entrance. It’s a long hallway that passes the laundry room, bathroom, office, and then finally spits you out into our main living space (kitchen, dining, living room). We don’t have any designated space for setting down keys, mail, etc. so they all end up on the kitchen counters, dining room table and it creates a mess. I despise clutter. I also hate that we have such a bare “entry way” that doesn’t reflect the rest of our home.

In an attempt to create a more organized space, I designed this “nook”. A console table, two x-benches, a place to set our keys and mail, and an area that rises to meet us when we come home. That’s what your home is supposed to do, right? Be functional, and also beautiful.

Our walls are a light cream color, so I wanted whites and vibrant colors to brighten the space. There’s a large window, so curtains are a must. Layered art and books are throughout our home so I had to add some here as well. (In all honesty, I just have an addiction to art, pillows, and coffee table books….) :-)

I purchased the benches from target, which were also featured in this post. The console is from Overstock, but hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll let you know if it’s of good quality and provide links after it arrives.

I’m DIY’ing some art using scraps of Camryn’s new wallpaper, and using art that I already own. You can check my Instagram for pictures! I’m also using trays, bowls, and accessories that I already own. Do all of you “shop your home” for decor? I’m constantly stealing bits and bobs from different rooms of my house and rotating accessories. It keeps things constantly changing, and evolving. (I might also have closets full of decor, because like I said before, I have an addiction)

What do you think of my work-in-progress space? Leave me any ideas or suggestions you have in the comments! I love hearing your opinions and advice!

I’ll continue updating with progress pictures, and links to all the products (if they’re good).

XO – Samantha

How to give your space a spring sprucing!

You all know I’m a home decor-aholic. My husband cringes with every new season, knowing I’ll be walking through the door with new pillows, lamps, rugs, etc to reflect the changes outdoors. In the winter you can bet I’ll be snuggling under a fur throw, burning a musky candle, and and enjoying warm toned pillows and accessories. But spring is my favorite season of all, and I look forward to sprucing up my space for spring weather all year!

Here are a few of my favorite items to “spring up your space”.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.05.20 PM

A jute rug is the perfect spring/summer addition to any decor. It’s natural, durable, and the muted coloring pairs well with almost anything. The beachy, summer-home feel that a jute rug gives off is perfect for this time of year (and year round). I just purchased a jute rug for my living room and I’m absolutely loving it! The above rug is from Ballard Designs and is 20% today.

Floral pillows, as well as bright corals and summer colored pillows, are an easy and cheap way to freshen up a space. Layer different textures, colors, patterns, and sizes to create a well-styled sofa. I read somewhere that every room should have something black & white, as an anchor, so pop a small accent pillow in the mix. You can purchase the floral pillow, coral geometric pillow, yellow bloom pillow, and black and white pillow at Target.

Target has also brought back their upholstered x-benches in grass and coral, and I am beyond thrilled! These babies are perfect for tucking under a console table, in front of a fireplace, flanking a living room table, and more. The colors pair perfectly with florals, and scream spring. Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on these!

Last but not least, fresh flowers. No need to spend a lot on expensive roses, just grab a $4 bunch of carnations or whatever your local grocery store sells, and pop them in a fun vase. Get creative! I used my Alice + Olivia mug as a vase recently and it looked so chic. You can also light a fruity or floral candle (I’m currently burning this one from Bath & Body, and it smells amazing) and your home will scream spring within minutes.

XO – Samantha

Big Girl Bedroom Update

Hello lovelies! Before I jump into today’s post, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so, so much for all the sweet comments you left me about my hair. My IG blew up, and I was seriously feeling the love. {side note – found out this week that we’re not pregnant, still, and all your amazing compliments were a really wonderful pick me up that I needed desperately.} Thank you. <3

If you haven’t already read my post about Camryn’s “Big Girl” bedroom decor, then you can view that here.

I just wanted to update on the progress of Camryn’s room, and share a few changes that I’ve made to the design board. The most obvious change is the wallpaper. I had originally wanted the Great Meadow Mural wallpaper from Anthro, but after debating over the price, and the size (which wasn’t perfect for the wall I’m wallpapering) I decided to go with something a little different. I fell in love with the colors in the Watercolor Peony wallpaper, and it still offers the whimsical and floral look that I want to achieve. The much lower price point has my husband celebrating too.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of the Caitlin Wilson pillows for awhile now, and they pair perfectly with the color scheme. Have you checked out her new rug line? I nearly scratched the entire mood board for Camryn’s room and started over using one of her rugs as inspiration. They are beautiful! I chose the teal arrows pillows and the coral bows pillow, but may switch up the patterns, we’ll see. I love that she offers multiple patterns in the same shades of colors so you can easily mix and match pillows.

Camryn’s headboard arrived last week, and she’s been loving it! I have always called her my “tiny lady”, but she’s been correcting me with “I’m a big lady now mom” ever since the bed switch. She’s so proud of herself. :-)

The headboard was extremely easy to assemble (I did it all by myself, so that tells you just how easy), and it’s great quality. It’s a much prettier color in person. I just checked Costco, and it’s no longer available…oh no! Here’s a good dupe.

I had planned on buying sheets from Serena & Lily, but snagged these beautiful minty/turquoise sheets at Target, and I’m so happy with them. The colors in person are beautiful, and the pattern is small enough to work well with the pillow fabrics and wallpaper pattern. Did I mention they were only $30? Such a bargain. I also grabbed this organic blanket for the foot of her bed, for cooler nights or to replace her down comforter in the summer heat.

The creamy rug is on sale at World Market, and if you use code BIGWIG you can save an additional 10% off.

LOVE art is from Made By Girl. I own many of her prints, and they are all favorites of mine. She makes art that pairs really well together, so if you’re in the market for something statement or something to add to a gallery wall, she’s your girl!

I’m going to start painting this week, and will instagram progress photos. Her room is a light grey right now, but seems dark and moody because of the poor lighting, so I’m hoping the Swiss Coffee color is a nice bright change. Speaking of bad lighting, any suggestions for fun lighting in her room? I haven’t even begun looking, and would love your input!

I hope you’re all having a great week!

XO – Samantha

A Simply Beautiful Home

Your guys know I’m a sucker for beautiful interiors. It’s my thing. Nothing inspires me more than a well designed room, or a beautifully styled table. Even a bookshelf done perfectly makes me stop in my tracks. It’s an addiction people. I’m the girl that visits Home Goods 2x’s a week, and squeals in Target when I find black lamp shades with gold leafing inside, and has 10+ interior design coffee table books on my Christmas wish list. My dream day would be to lay around (kidless of course) while skimming through all my favorite design books and drinking coffee in peace. Ahhhh!

One of my pet peeves about most interior design photos that I come across on Pinterest, in magazines, or in books is that they’re nearly unattainable. Not because the decor can’t be bought, replicated, DIY’d, etc. but because the space is unlike the homes that many of us actually live in.

Image Via

Image Via

Image Via

What’s the matter? Don’t you have intricate marble flooring, a palatial winding staircase, and enough room in your hallways to have a row of orange trees? Ya, me neither. So when I came across Jessica & Scott’s East Coast Nest I immediately fell in love. Their unassuming, 2100 sq. ft home, is a wealth of beauty.

Jessica is an interior designer, and creator of Nest Studio (Her drawer pulls are literally my favorite on the market. The gold and lucite…DROOL!)

That’s a hand stenciled floor…HAND STENCILED!! I’m just so in awe of what she’s done with this house. I also really enjoy seeing items from places like Target, and Ikea; places we all shop.

If you want to check out more of Jessica’s home, visit her blog here.

Today’s giveaway is one of my very favorite coffee table books, and a source of constant design inspiration and enjoyment for me. I flip through it at least once a week. It’s perfect for anyone starting on their home from scratch, or even someone who’s just looking for a change but doesn’t know where to start. It looks pretty sitting on my coffee table too. :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! XO – Samantha

PS…I was sent a fun game called “How Do You Shop Style?” that I thought you guys might enjoy checking out. The quotes are hilarious, and no surprise, it figured out that I have a shopping addiction. Oops! Here’s the link if y’all want to play too. You can also win a designer handbag just by playing. http://bit.ly/psssjgame

Visions of Gray

I have been seeing some of the most beautiful closets going around on Pinterest, magazines, and blogs lately. This closet, designed by Catherine Kwong, with fashion blogger Eadie Blair in mind takes the cake. Kwong created a piece of art, layering dark walls with lighter built-ins, and showcasing all the beautiful clothes in brighter, more vibrant hues. The slanted shelves displaying fashion books, the inset bulletin boards upholstered in Kelly Wearstler’s “Channels” fabric, and (below) the Andy Warhol “Chanel #5″ poster all create such a glamorous space.

Images via Elle Decor

If this were mine, I would never leave my closet. I would eat, sleep, and die in that closet.

Here are a few others that have me thinking gray-is-good!

Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet. Can I just have the shoes?

Here’s a quick glimpse at my vanity area in my closet, in “gray” of course:







Make sure you enter to win the deer necklace (pictured above) here.

My husband has been out of town for nearly 2 weeks, and comes home today, FINALLY!! Being a single mom is not a joke. I am exhausted, and in serious need of a shower. ;-)

See you tomorrow for my Friday Lust List!

XO – Samantha

Target Strikes Again

I was taking my usual stroll through Target last Thursday when I came across something so good I literally squealed with joy! Remember when I mentioned my desire for X-Benches in this post? Well I must be on someones “nice list” because I scored a set for only $120!!!

These are much more of a deep wine red in person, but I honestly didn’t care if they were puke green, since I’ll be re-upholstering them. I plan to paint the legs a beautiful lacquered black, and I’m considering this fabric for the cushion…but I do have a 2 year old, so am I crazy?!

Les Touches Brunschwig and Fils

What do you think? Too much going on with the Chiang Mai pillows, and this? Should I stick to a solid color, and do something velvety, or with texture instead? Should I be a true mom, and go with an outdoor fabric that Camryn can’t destroy? Decisions, decisions….If you have any other fabric recommendations, PLEASE let me know!

These benches also come in burlap, but my Target only had 1 available, and a brighter red is sold online only.

Don’t just walk, RUN, and go snag a pair for yourself!!! I’m envisioning mine to eventually look like this:

Love the gold feet!!

Jennifer from TheChicPad.com (If you don’t follow her, GO GO GO! She’s ahhhmazing!) tweeted me about some STEALS over at Homegoods. Are these not beautiful also?

$70 people….did I just hear you squeal from excitement?! ;-)

I couldn’t resist myself while at Tar-jay, and picked up a few other things…

A new tray for my desk.

And this gold snakeskin embossed tray was a STEAL – 60% off. It’s found a new home on my living room table. I have a tray addiction.


And how pretty is this jewelry box?! I couldn’t find it on the Target website…maybe it’s that new?

Target never fails me.

XO – Samantha



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