{Product Review} Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundations

tarte foundation

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had purchased the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation, and Airbrush Foundation (aka powder foundation) after hearing a few of my favorite beauty YouTube’ers rave about them. I love Tarte as a brand, and have really enjoyed many of their products over the years, so I had really high hopes for both of these products. I have been using both for awhile now, and feel confident that I can give a pretty honest and full review of each.

Before jumping into either product, let me (for the millionth time if you’ve been following my blog for the last year) tell you a little about my skin type. I have dry/combination skin, leaning more heavily towards dry. I have very thin skin which shows veins, freckles, and scarring very easily. I exfoliate my skin 3-5 times weekly using either a mask or bead/scrub exfoliant to remove dry skin, which prevents me from having too many dry patches. I use heavy moisturizers, particularly around my eye area.

With that said, lets jump into the cream foundation review first!

tarte foundation coverage


Closer look at the photo 4/4 from above (same photo, just rotated). Creamy foundation finish.

As you can see, the cream foundation is very thick and (no surprise) creamy. I would say this is a medium-full coverage foundation, very buildable, and creates a very airbrushed effect like it claims. The foundation dries very soft, and almost powdery to the touch, and leaves a natural-matte finish. I haven’t had issues with breakouts while using this foundation, but I did use the Hourglass primer as a base before every application. I only noticed patchiness after 8+ hours of wear, if ever. The cream foundation offers SPF 15, and is oil-free. I wear color light-medium sand.

So…I like this foundation…but I don’t love it. For someone with combination/oily skin I would definitely recommend this, but for anyone with much drier skin I would stick to a more radiant foundation like the Nars Sheer Glow, or even a more natural setting foundation like MUFE HD foundation. I found that the Tarte cream foundation settled into fine lines, and emphasized blonde baby hairs on my face around my hairline. It aged my skin because of how matte it looked on my already dry skin, and I found myself adding Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to it (before applying) to create a slight glow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this foundation, and I think it’s a great product for some people, it’s just not for my skin type.

Let’s talk about the airbrush powder foundation…

I have used Bare Minerals powder foundations in the past and had really great results, but always felt like the powders were sitting on top of my skin, so I wanted to try the Tarte powder in comparison. In a nutshell, they are two very different products. Where they Bare Minerals provides a medium coverage, the Tarte provides a light-medium (buildable) coverage. Where B.M. has a matte finish, Tarte has a more glowing, slightly shimmery finish – not everyone’s cup of tea. Both products sit on top of my skin to a degree, but less so with the Tarte powder. I appreciate the range of colors available in the Tarte line (I wear light-medium neutral).

tarte powder finish

Here’s the finish of the powder foundation. As you can see, there is some settling into fine lines, and it emphasizes my dry skin.

Tarte ShimmerThis is the best photo I could capture of the “shimmer”/glow the powder foundation has. Because I have drier skin I actually enjoy the slight glow to my foundations, but someone with oily skin or acne may not want attention drawn to those areas (which shimmer does – hence why we use matte concealer on blemishes).

Similar to the creamy foundation, the powder formula lasts all day. These two foundations are really incredible paired together when you’re looking for a full coverage, flawless, airbrushed face. I wore them together to a wedding, in 75-80 degree heat, for hours and had great results. You can see what it looked like here. I also sprayed my face with the Urban Decay Chill setting spray, as well as my husbands face because he sweats like a whore in church even when it’s only 65 out. ;-)

I hope that helped to answer some of your questions about these products. If any of you use either of these, please leave a comment below letting everyone know what YOU think of them, because they will work differently on everyones skin. Also note your skin type if you leave a review.

Happy Hump Day!

XO – Samantha

Second Trimester Pregnancy Update

25 weeks 4

25 weeks 2

25 weeks

25 weeks 3

25 weeks 5

It’s hard to believe I’m already in my 25th week of pregnancy, and just 15 weeks (or less) away from meeting this tiny lady! This has felt equally like the longest pregnancy, and the fastest pregnancy ever. When I think of all the things still lingering on my to-do list, I become overwhelmed with anxiety. When I think of all the hours spent nauseous and hanging over my toilets, sinks, and drowning myself in ginger ale, I wonder “how have I survived this infinite pregnancy?”

If you’re wondering what I’ve done to prepare, the answer is nothing. I haven’t bought diapers. I haven’t assembled (or purchased) the crib. The dresser/changing table still lives in Camryn’s room. The storage containers full of baby clothes that I’ve saved for the last 3 years are stacked to the ceiling and in need of being washed and hung. Thank god I am OCD and was smart enough to organize them all by size and season – hallelujah! We don’t have a double stroller (and probably won’t get one because it seems unnecessary for us), a swing, bouncer, activity mat, or even a monitor…although my husband did splurge on the Sproutling. If you’re unfamiliar with this awesome product, check out their video.

To be quite honest, I’m not concerned like I was when I was pregnant with Camryn. I feel like all I need is diapers, nursing pads for my soon-to-be leaky chest, a crib, and a car seat….maybe a few sleeping pills to slip that little night owl….BOOM! Happy baby. I’m kidding people. Don’t drug your kids. Put down your phone, no need to call child protective services. ;-)

Speaking of calling CPS, did y’all see that crazy mom who video taped her son lighting himself on fire?! W-T-F. Don’t even get me started. Ok, moving on before I get all Oprah on you and start telling you how I feel about said crazy mom…

Since I seem to be rambling, lets go ahead and break things down real quick with ten facts about my pregnancy as of now:

1. I can’t stop eating. I crave pasta, cereal, cheeseburgers, and popsicles. By crave I really just mean I like those foods and am using this baby as an excuse to indulge.

2. I tried to put on a pair of non-maternity shorts to wear unbuttoned over my bikini to the pool this weekend, and couldn’t even pull them up past my thighs. I am convinced I am growing Harper’s twin in my a$$.

3. I’ve only made 4 maternity purchases so far, which is probably why I’m constantly complaining that I have nothing to wear. 1 pair of pants, two shorts, and a tee shirt. On the other hand, I’ve bought Camryn 20+ new outfits in the last 6 months despite the fact that she hasn’t grown an inch since I got pregnant. Story. Of. My. Life.

4. I started feeling Harper move around 14 weeks. Taylor first felt her move around 17 weeks, and Camryn felt her around 20. I can now see her moving, and we watch my belly roll around nightly. Harper responds quickly to Camryn talking to her, and loves to kick big sister in the face when Camryn leans her head on my belly.

5. The love and bond my girls already share has made being sick for 6 months 100% worth it. Camryn touches my belly, says “Hi Harper!”, and kisses her at least once a day.

6. I haven’t had any stretch marks yet (I never did with Camryn), but I have gained a solid 16 pounds already. I gained a total of 30-35 with Camryn.

7. I am a walking furnace. Most days I just want to live in the freezer. Summer pregnancy in Texas is not my jam.

8. I havent had a single stranger touch my belly.

9. Harper does not yet have a middle name. We have about 4 names that we’re tossing around, but my husband is “meh” on all of them. Suggestions?

10. At 25 weeks, I still sleep on my belly. It’s only just (in the last week) becoming uncomfortable, and I’m trying to transition to sleeping on my side…I haven’t slept well in days. :-(

Hope I haven’t bored you too much with all this bump talk. I have a beauty review coming your way tomorrow, so if baby talk doesn’t apply to you, hopefully that will.

XO – Samantha

Rock that college fund!

The 4 little words that I say on a far too regular basis that my husband hates the most…”Rock that college fund!” It’s true, I’m addicted to toddler fashion. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. I take that back; I’ll have to stop, because my big lady is starting school next week and will be wearing a uniform every day to school. So in honor of going big or going home, I splurged on a few of the Duchess & Lion Co items that launched last week, and you better bet she’s been rocking that college fund this week!

DLco3 DLco4 DLco5 duchess and lion 2

Duchess and LionI also snagged a few headscarves…as if we needed any more.

These items will be relaunching tomorrow if you want to snag some for your little. Do not hold me responsible for your angry husbands, or overdrawn bank accounts. :-)

For those of you who have asked – YES! All of these items, as well as Camryn’s entire wardrobe, will be sold in the coming months as Harper wears and outgrows them – I will announce the Instagram account for any of you interested.

XO – Samantha

Wrap it Up!

Let me reassure you, this post is not sponsored by Trojan. It is, on the other hand, all about my new favorite fashion accessory – the hair wrap.

Camryn & I have been rocking hair wraps the last few weeks on a daily basis. They turn our not-so-fab hair into “Hey girl, heyyyy!” hair. Our sweet friend Keri, the owner of Little Big Dreamers, sent us a few new hair wraps that have quickly become our go-to wraps. She also just launched her fall line of headbands, wraps, and clothing, including a very special wrap that she named after Harper called “Harper’s Beauty”. <3 Be still my heart.

Here are a few of the wraps that I think you’ll love as much as I do:

Kicking it off with my obvious favorite, Harper’s Beauty – this gorgeous wrap would look amazing adding a punch of color to a black & white outfit.

Who’s that cute girl?! :-) Here’s my biggest lady rocking her Stud Muffin wrap, and just being straight up adorable while chugging her hot chocolate. Girls got a soft spot for a starbucks hot chocolate.

This is the “I Love Lucy” wrap, and the one you’ll catch me wearing most often. It literally looks good with every single outfit, and is long enough to be double wrapped and then knotted (because mama doesn’t always need a bow to draw attention to myself). This is the wrap I wore in this photo.

Oh sweet Teagan…look at that pout! Meet Keri’s oldest daughter, and most beautiful little model. This little lady has a creative mind like her mama, and it always shows in her outfits, which she picks out herself. I’m way too OCD to let Camryn pick an entire outfit by herself, but I always think moms who do are so damn cool. Back to the wraps – this gorgeous wrap is called the Lily Grace, and it’s next on my must-have list. I love the retro, vintage-y feel is has, and I would pair it with an A-line black dress, knee high socks, and retro school shoes…just in case you were wondering. HA! Reasons why Camryn doesn’t pick her entire outfit herself…mamas got issues.

Last but not least, I bring you “Totes Tribal”. This wrap is perfect for all of you ladies who are looking to rock the wrap without looking like a 5 year old. This wrap would look so chic with a top knot!

All of the featured wraps are just $12-14. What are you waiting for?!

While you’re visiting her shop, be sure to check out the “Cray Cray” tees (a mom staple), the headband section (you might spy a few pics of yours truly), and the “create your own” section if you’re feeling adventurous and think you can cut it as a designer yourself! If you create your own, and you don’t use the amazing black & white panda face fabric, then we can’t be friends anymore – pre-warning. ;-)

Oh, and sorry about the whole “I might have 2 posts up tomorrow” posted Thursday. If you showed up on Friday, there was nothing to greet you but the sound of crickets…OOPS! I may or may not have forgotten it was my husbands dirty 30 on Friday. I know, wife of the year. On the bright side, that just means more good posts coming your way THIS week.

XO – Samantha

It’s been awhile…

Yippee! I’m back! After nearly a solid month of travelling, I’m finally home and it feel so damn good! I started this post saying “Sorry I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks…” but honestly, I’m not sorry. I had such great trips, spent quality time with my husband and Camryn, and was really present. My blog is a priority to me, but sometimes I need to step away and enjoy my life a little without feeling guilty when I don’t snap that picture, or document every moment. With Harper on her way I’m trying to really soak up these last few months as a family of 3. So no, I’m not sorry, but I am very grateful to all of you who stuck around while I was gone.

Where to start? My first stop was in Washington State where a large portion of our family and friends live. My husband and I both grew up there, so going back is always fun and full of catching up with old friends. It never feels like we have enough time there to see everyone, and our trips are always so chaotic and rushed, but two weeks was perfect this time. Following WA we headed to New York for a week. My husband had a work conference to attend and Camryn and I tagged along for fun. I love NY. Camryn learned to walk in Central Park, I think it’s a beautiful city, and I absolutely love going there…with that said, I H-A-T-E Times Square. Lucky me, our hotel was in the heart of Times Square. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this photo…

NY4This is me, hiding in our hotel room while I drank my coffee and ate breakfast because I could literally TASTE the smelly streets and people in Times Square. I repeat, they smelled so bad I could taste them.

On the bright side, we still had a great time.








NY10When we got home we had the best mail waiting for us (a months worth). I had indulged in a few of the new Duchess & Lion Co items, and the “Bad Apple Dress” had arrived. It might be my new favorite dress ever.

duchess and lion 2

Duchess and LionI can’t get over how grown up my girl looks. She starts school on the 25th and I think I might cry for the first month. She also has to wear a uniform, which might also make me cry. What will I do with all her cute clothes Monday-Friday?! ;-)

I’ll have a new post coming your way tomorrow…maybe 2…woah, I know, things are getting cray cray around here!!

XO – Samantha

Blackberry Breakfast Cake

Blackberry Breakfast Cake

Happy Friday all! I am so excited to be guest posting for Samantha today.

I have a crazy good recipe for you this morning, a blackberry breakfast cake.  I have never cooked with a cast iron skillet before but have always wanted to.  I was at Fred Meyer last week and passing the clearance section, this gorgeous purple mini cast iron skillet caught my eye.  At 90% off, yes 90%, I could not pass it up! And it was purple, so obviously it was meant for me. I couldn’t wait to come up with a fun recipe to make.

My father-in-law brought us  blackberries so was excited to use them for this recipe.  It is perfect for a Saturday morning and so easy!


You could use any fresh berry in place of blackberries and it would still taste great!

DSC_3This recipe makes 2 6″ skillet cakes

DSC_2Of course, top it with whipped cream!


What you’ll need 

1 cup flour

1 Tbsp. sugar

2 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1 egg

1/2 cup half and half

1/2 cup blackberries

2 tsp. butter

What you’ll do

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. While oven is preheating, place skillets in oven.

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together.

Stir in egg and half and half.

Remove skillets from oven and melt 1 tsp. butter in each skillet.

Divide batter into 2 skillets.

Top with blackberries and bake for 25-30 minutes.

Enjoy!! And have a great weekend :)


Downtown ATX // Graffiti Girl

Camryn & I went on a little date down to see some of our favorite graffiti artists recent work at the Hope Outdoor Gallery. My brother-in-law is a super talented artist and he introduced me to Erika, or @400MLBakery You may remember her from this post. She’s one of the sweetest, and most genuine people, and Camryn & I love her witty, fun art. She definitely helps keep Austin cool, and her art draws in locals and tourists for awesome photo-ops…us included. :-)

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg

graffiti 2

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

graffiti 1


If you live in Austin, go check out the Hope Wall, also known as Castle Hill. If you don’t live in ATX, I hope you at least enjoyed looking at pics of my sweet girl, and you can sneak more pics of Erika’s art on her instagram!

XO – Samantha

Beach Babe Essentials

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I would share my beauty essentials for your pool/beach bag? Oh, you do? I didn’t…and only remembered after going through pictures on my camera. OOPS! This baby brain is for realz y’all.


1.|| Victoria Secret Bronze Glow Body Tint – Repackaged & renamed, but still the same awesome bronzing lotion. This creamy lotion will provide all-over color and shine and instantly give you that VS model glow. It’s not a self-tanner, so you never have to worry about looking streaky or having orange hands the next day. I love applying this to my legs when I’m wearing a short dress, or my collar bone for strappy tanks.

2.|| Wet Wipes – Never leave the beach with sweaty, smelly armpits. Pack some scented wipes, and get yourself smelling beachy, not stinky. Any brand will work, but I’m a big fan of these You Smell lemon scented wipes. They’re alcohol free and won’t dry out your skin.

3.|| Body Spray – I really love that beachy, coconut, sunscreen smell, and St. Tropez’s Smell Bent spray is exactly that. I like to spritz a very small amount on after trips to the pool or beach and enjoy the sweet smell of summer.

4.|| BB Cream or concealer – If I’m planning on going from the beach to lunch or dinner with friends, I like having a BB cream that’s hydrating, or a concealer and rich face cream to conceal those little imperfections and hydrate my skin. I keep my Dr. Jart+ Premium BB cream in my bag because it’s a moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum all-in-one.

DSC_20665.|| Chapstick & Lip Stains are a must for beach days, and my favorites are the Blistex Deep Renewal and the Loreal stains (photo shows Coral Tattoo).

6.|| A nail polish isn’t a beach bag necessity, but if you get bored sitting poolside like I do it’s a great time to polish those fingers. My current favorite polish is “Fearless” by Revlon. (I’m wearing it in this instagram pic)

7.|| My everyday mascara is also my must-have beach mascara…because it’s amazing!! It holds a curl, never smudges, makes my lashes look long a fluffy, and is the best black. If you’ve never tried Maybelline’s The Falsies, you need to. Tip: Stick to the original formula in Black Drama, and get waterproof if you live in hot, humid climates like I do. If your lashes never hold a curl, you should also look into waterproof.

What do you pack in your beach bag to transform into a bronzed babe after hanging poolside?

XO – Samantha

Link Love

1.|| The most beautiful garden party, all to celebrate a beautiful 4 year old. Kristin can do no wrong!!!

2.|| The best smelling diffuser. My husband makes me buy these by the dozen for his office.

3.|| I have naturally wavy hair, but when I want that genuinely beachy wave, I grab this. It smells of coconuts, and instantly makes me feel like I live in Hawaii and surf all day.

4.||  Erin Mayshed’s beautiful home tour has me dreaming of all white walls, and pops of color. Check out the before and after pics.

5.|| Check out this awesome candle jar DIY. I know I have a bunch of the Bath & Body candle jars in a cabinet just waiting for a makeover.

6.|| These shoes are great for travel. Comfortable, easy to fold and pack into a carry-on, and so chic. Did I mention they’re on sale?

7.|| I invested in a few new foundations for the summer months, and have been really enjoying this liquid foundation, and this powder foundation. Have you tried either? Full reviews coming soon!

8.|| If you’re a mom, or a blogger, you’re probably stuck behind your camera 8 out of 12 hours a day….amiright? I love this DIY camera strap tutorial, and will definitely be giving it a whirl.

9.|| I want to eat this in a taco, on a chip, under dressing, and every other possible way…just get in my belly!!

10.|| I’m visiting my hometown for a few days, and will probably be found most often here eating bagel after bagel after bagel. Oh sweet baby jesus, I L-O-V-E their bagels. I have literally been dreaming about them this entire pregnancy. If I come home 10 lbs heavier, don’t judge me. ;-) As always, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and here. I have some posts scheduled for you, and will also pop in from my phone with some random “Hi, I’m still alive…and eating bagels!” updates.

DIY Watercolor Art

I like a good DIY. I especially enjoy a super easy, zero construction, toddler involved DIY that I cannot screw-up. Those ones are really my jam, and today I have exactly that for you!

I have a little corner in Harper’s nursery that was in need of some basic art. I didn’t want anything too “loud” that would compete with the other art in the room, so in my mind I envisioned a trio of plainly colored paper…I know, sounds uber boring…but stay with me people. A few days later I saw a picture on Instagram posted by Caitlin Wilson of exactly what I had been envisioning, and she made it look so cool (unlike how I described it in the previous sentence).


I scored these 3 frames in varying sizes at Michaels in the clearance section. 2 are black, and one is brown, but a little gold paint cures all.


I had this hanging around from another project, and let’s be honest, free is always better.


Paint your frames. Or don’t, it’s your call. In my house, gold rules.


Entertain your toddler while you paint. $1 watercolors for the win!


Paint 3 canvas boards (or paper) with the colors of your choice. Harpers room is a mix of navy, mint, orchid/neon berry, and coral. Because the art will be positioned over a coral chair, I chose to use the other 3 accent colors.

DIYartCamera died. Sorry for the crappy iphone picture (that looks more like a flip phone pic. Fail.)

Frame & hang. Easy peasy, right? I can’t wait for my new chair and lamp to arrive, and my curtains to be made so I can share a better picture of this little space with all of you. Until then, Camryn has turned this into her “art station”. :-)

XO – Samantha

P.S…Because I always get asked, the kids chairs are the Tabouret Stacking chairs from Overstock.


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