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Harper’s Nursery Progress

So I finished taping, and sealing, and painting my accent herringbone wall…and it turned out HORRIBLE! I kid you not, when I started pulling the tape, and the paint started peeling, I nearly cried. I’m in touch-up hell. I should have known it wouldn’t be perfect with my textured walls, but I was really hoping it miraculously would be.

herringbone wall

Cringe! Look at all those jagged lines that I have to fix. :-( (The coloring looks slightly more blue in this photo than in person.)

In other news, I think I’m slowly beginning to nail down some of the other room details (fabric, furniture, art, etc.) Here’s a glimpse at what I’m envisioning so far…Oh, and did I mention we named our little lady?!Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.17.08 PM

You’ll have to use a little imagination, but this is the basics. I’ll actually use this art in a thick matted frame, which should help break up some of the herringbone wall. I’m DIY’ing Camryn’s dark wood dresser and updating it with some brass pulls. The fabric for the pillows and custom drapes are from Caitlin Wilson’s Tribeca line, and she is currently running a 15% off coupon with code FREEDOM15.

The gorgeous coral midcentury armchair – SWOON – was a gift from my husband. I’m smitten. :-) We have a big (ugly, but uber comfy) rocking armchair that will be in our master bedroom for late night feedings, so my pink chair is really just for sitting and staring at my beautiful baby when she arrives, and admiring her bedroom that’s prettier than my own. Why is it that our kids always end up with more thoughtfully designed, and nicer looking bedrooms than our own?! W.T.H.

I’ve had questions about how I created the herringbone wall, so for those of you interested (and crazy enough like I was), I will post a tutorial soon.

XO – Samantha

Oh, heyyyy!

It seems I got lost for a week…or more realistically, buried in a pile of junk that needed to be cleared from my home. I’ve finally found my way out, sold a whopping $280 worth in my garage sale (not worth all that effort!!), and donated so much to Goodwill that I’m officially keeping their store running. ;-)

Seriously though, my mom & I killed it over the last 10 days. I never in a million years thought we’d finish all the projects on my to-do list, but the lady that birthed me is an animal. She doesn’t ever stop moving. She never takes breaks. She makes me look like a 90 year old. She helped paint 2 full bedrooms…in 2 days…she’s the bomb!!

After painting the baby’s nursery a less yellow/beige, I had the crazy idea to add a herringbone wall. Sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to kill myself with DIY projects.

nursery herringbone wall

I’ve started taping off the wall, and at some point this week I’m going to hold my breath, hope I’m not making a huge mistake, and paint the wall a minty color. Wish me luck!!

camryns mani:pedi

Other than housework, I’ve managed to fit in a mani/pedi with Mom and Camryn…

ballerinaBallet, and many, many coffee dates…


Looked at this cute face and wondered how I’ll ever manage to love another one as much as her…

Chopped 4+ inches off my hair!!! Still can’t believe I actually did it, but it feels so nice to have a little less to deal with.

doesmybuttlookfatAnd I also tortured myself with maternity shopping because I just couldn’t keep squeezing into my old pants anymore. This is the obligatory “Does my butt look big in these jeans” text that I sent my husband, who so kindly replied with “Buy those!!!” That man always knows the right thing to say. :-)  17 weeks (18 tomorrow) and feeling twice as big as I did at this time during my first pregnancy. Nausea slowed down for about a week, but has been popping back up the last 3 days. All I can say is, this kid better be really cute!!

XO – Samantha

Weekly Round-Up

I’m sorry to say that my beach beauty favorites will have to wait until Monday. My mom and I spent all day cleaning and organizing my garage, and I am exhausted!! Pregnant lady, in the Texas heat, cleaning a garage…none of those things go together.

Until then, here are my favorites from the past week. (as usual, I’ll be linking up with one of my favorite ladies, Amanda, so come say hi! Oh, and if you want to read more about that crazy girl, check her out here…spoiler alert – she’s kinda awesome!)

zoeva brushes1.|| Zoeva’s new Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set has me swooning!

2.|| I’m loving this art.

3.|| How delish does this summer veggie salad look? I’m making this, pronto!

4.|| I bought this bag organizer for my LV GM, and I’m so happy with it. Well made, great pockets and it keeps my bag from sagging.

5.|| I’m having a herringbone moment, and obsessing over the idea of creating an accent wall in my house.

6.|| I rediscovered my SKII masks this week, and I’ve been putting them in my refrigerator and using them to moisturize and de-puff my swollen face. I forgot just how amazing they are. Worth. Every. Penny.

That’s all I bookmarked for this week friends. :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be purging my house, having a giant garage sale, and will hopefully come back feeling like a brand new woman on Monday.

XO – Samantha

Nursery Design: Pink & Chic

Girls Nursery

My pregnant friend, Alyssa, is struggling to design her little girls nursery due to the green wall color in her current rental house. She could paint, and then re-paint in a year when the home they’re building is done, or leave the green walls and work with them. Together we designed this mood board which incorporates the green walls into the color scheme rather than fighting them, and will also look beautiful in the new house (with lighter walls). She’s not afraid of a good DIY, so I added in a tassel garland and map letter, and some pom poms for her to work on. How lucky is the little girl that will soon call this room home?!

Here are the items we chose:

Elephant Print (size 60×40″)


Elephant Stool

Faux Fur Shag Rug

Candy Kirby Designs Crib Sheets OR Target Mudhut Sheets

Herringbone Throw OR herringbone minky baby blanket

Mirrored Heart Art


Brushstroke Art – Commision pieces are available if you contact Jen.

Gold Polka Dot Pillow

Dreamer Pillow

DIY Tassel Garland Tutorial courtesy of Linen Lace and Love

I am off to Washington this morning for my sister-in-laws babyshower. My tiny lady and I are flying solo, so it will be quite the adventure, as always. She’s actually a great little traveller, so I’m not very worried, but I do get anxiety when flying ever since becoming a mom. I’m not good at having zero control over situations, and well, flying is kinda out of my hands. Wish us luck! First stop when I get in town is the Bagelry, my favorite little bagel shop in the entire USA. Mmmmmm! It’s one of the things I crave year round, and binge on whenever I’m home. My MIL usually has a bag of them waiting for me when I arrive. I’m an addict. Sad truth. :-)

I’ll be posting as usual, as well as updating the Camryn Daily page.

XO – Samantha


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